Bingo, once considered a granny’s game, has made a comeback! And not just that, it’s been completely reinvented for a younger, hipper audience, and they can’t get enough of it. Whether you’re in search of Bingo Nights in London or traditional halls, the city offers a plethora of options to experience this timeless game in a modern setting. There’s still plenty of opportunity to enjoy a traditional Bingo experience in London’s many great purpose-built Bingo halls. But if you want something a little different, there are more and more options open to you.

For a start, you can always go online, where some of the most well-known bingo sites, for example, Foxy Bingo, run special promotions and themed tournaments, like the aforementioned Foxy’s Battle Royale Bingo. But if you want a night out on the town that mixes our favourite game with all sorts of other entertainment, check out our list of the best & Absolute Bingo nights in London.

Karaoke & Bingo

Every night of the week sees raucous singing and merry-making in the Bunga Bunga Battersea, where guests can try their hand at karaoke while dining on metre-long pizzas. But the high point of the calendar for Bingo fans is the last Thursday of the month. This is when you can experience bingo, Bunga Bunga style. Mamma Bunga and her son Luigi call the numbers while patrons chomp on the signature pizzas and try to reach a full house for some great prizes. Then the balls are drawn to select the guests who get to take the karaoke stage and the songs they will sing.

Bubbles & Bingo

Every Wednesday, you can play bingo while sipping on prosecco at the Cattivo bar in Ferndale Road, Brixton. The bubbly costs only £10 a bottle, and the bingo action kicks off at 7 pm. And just so you know, Cattivo means ‘naughty’ in Italian, and both patrons and staff try to do the name justice.

Bling & Bingo

Join Grandma Flash, the bling bedecked pensioner host of Blingo, a hilarious night of ‘Bingo, beats and bling’. It’s no mean feat to mark off a line in this crazy mix of hip-hop dance-offs and lip-sync battles. There’s a Blingo event at least once a month, but the location changes so you’ll have to check out the website before donning your chunky gold chains and joining the party.

Rnb & Bingo

If you want to slow things down a bit but still put a musical twist to your bingo evening, then this is the bingo night for you. The evening provides bingo rounds, crazy challenges and games, interspersed with the best RnB anthems from the 80s, 90s and 2000s.

Drag & Bingo

Bingo Nights in London

Ginger’s Big Drag Bingo is just as smutty and saucy as you’d expect a bingo night hosted by a drag queen to be. There’s glitz and glamour and plenty of hilarious commentary and innuendos involving balls.

Brunch & Bingo

If you’ve worked up an appetite with all this bingo action, check out Dabbers Bingo Hall for High Tea Bingo on a Saturday afternoon, or bring your best friend along to one of the Doggie Bingo events. And there is much more going on besides this purpose-built bingo hall.

Old School Bingo

Finally, check out Palace Bingo in Elephant and Castle for some old-school bingo action in a retro hall with psychedelic carpeting and a seating capacity for 2000 players.


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