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7 Best Places To Live In Colorado

7 Best Places To Live In Colorado

If you are considering relocating and looking for the best options on where to live in the U.S., one of the best places you can consider is colorful Colorado.

April 4th, 2022

If you are considering relocating and looking for the best options on where to live in the U.S., one of the best places you can consider is colorful Colorado. Colorado is a state famous for its beautiful cities. Each city has its unique features but is all characterized by the beauty of nature in it.

You can enjoy skiing, hiking, fishing, and snowboarding in Colorado, among other outdoor activities. You also have easy access to top schools and affordable land and housing. Here are the seven best places to live in Colorado.

  1. Denver

Denver is one of the most desired cities in the United States. Due to its proximity to the famous Rocky Mountains, Denver accommodates the visits of tourists and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world yearly. Between 2010 and 2020, Denver added about 115,364 new residents.

You should consider moving to Denver because it offers a unique blend of affordable urban life and access to beautiful and expansive natural areas. Littered through the city of Denver are breweries, coffee shops, restaurants, and so many more, which are avail for job opportunities. There is a supply of sunshine on the land for over300 days. That is definitely an adventure to experience.

  1. Colorado Springs

This is also known as The Olympics City, USA. Colorado Springs is the second-largest in population among other cities in Colorado and was ranked in 2021 as the ninth-best place to live in America by Livability. The city’s economy is anchored in the military, tourism, and technology. The military installations here include Fort Carson, Peterson AFB, U.S Air Force Academy, and Schriever AFB.

This city is considered an excellent place to live because of the relatively low cost of living, affordable neighborhood, and yet-to-be top-notch social amenities. There are great opportunities for camping, hiking, hunting, and other outdoor fun attractions, including the Garden of Gods’ sandstone formation. This city attracts over 5 million tourists in a year.

With many days of the year graced by the sun, the city is often loved by professionals, millennials, and families.

  1. Fort Collins

This is Colorado’s fourth-largest city, and it is home to many families, college students, retirees, and every other caliber of person in society. Established in it are several high-tech organizations and breweries with other fun and lively centers.

Outdoor activities are proximal to residents near Horsetooth Reservoir and Poudre Canyon. It is recommended as one of the best places to live in because of its low crime rates and convenient and affordable amenities.

  1. Boulder

This is a famous college town in Colorado. It houses the historic Pearl Street and the University of Colorado campus. The fun activities found commonly here are rock climbing, yoga, and other bodily and mental activities. This city accommodates about 20 breweries and numerous world-class restaurants.

The cost of living in Boulder may be relatively higher. The surrounding areas, however, have affordable housing prices. It is also rated excellently for its low crime rates.

  1. Castle Rock

Castle Rock is regarded as one of the fastest-growing cities in America. Between 2010 and 2020, the city has grown in population by over 50%. Shoppers particularly love this city as it is famous for its well-rated shopping and fine dining opportunities.

It also has many outdoor recreational centers and parks like Castlewood Canyon State Park for the fun experiences you need. It is recommended as one of the best places to live because of its low crime rates, high income, and abundant amenities necessary for comfortable living. There is also a large supply of jobs and opportunities in this city.

  1. Lakewood

Lakewood is rated excellently for its available amenities and low unemployment rate. It is very close to Denver and provides easy access to the Rocky Mountains, making it a desired place to live. Lakewood is also characterized by world-class schools, numerous job opportunities, and dining options.

  1. Aurora

Aurora is the third-largest city and one of Colorado’s most popular places to live. According to the world population review, Aurora has an estimated population of 363,623, consisting of people from diverse places. Aurora is considered one of the best places to live in Colorado because of the dozens of parks, a Morrison Nature Centre, and other recreational spaces for families to enjoy. Families in this city have access to health care services at Anschutz Medical Campus and the University of Colorado Hospital. Aurora is indeed an excellent place to call home.


Colorful Colorado, as it is often called, is undoubtedly home to many beautiful cities. If you’re seeking the best place to live, you should consider these cities’ unique features and other factors to decide which one is best for you.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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