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7 easy ways to choose the Best Travel Pillow for Camping

7 easy ways to choose the Best Travel Pillow for Camping

Any camping trip will be a notable one if you have the right gear with you.

June 1st, 2020

Any camping trip will be a notable one if you have the right gear with you. Like your backpack, shoes, or hunting knife, the best travel pillow for camping is also a vital factor.

If chosen correctly, a travel pillow will provide you all the support and comfort during the whole trip. Besides, it will ensure a good night’s sleep and refreshed mornings.

We will disclose the seven secrets of choosing the best camping pillow for you. However, it is essential to know first, which pillow type is best for you.

Types of Camping Travel Pillow

When you are packing for your backpacking trip, the pillow choices may confuse you. However, if you know your sleeping pattern and material preferences, you can select the right type.

Compressible Pillow

These types of pillows compress. They are made with expandable materials like foam pieces. You will get the almost home pillow feeling from it.

Compressible pillows are very soft and comfortable. They are one of the best travel neck pillows with optimum head support. It will prevent your head from falling while you are sleeping in a tent or car camp.

You may face problem with this pillow for its size and weight. This is bulkier and heavier than other pillow types.

Stuff Sack Pillow

Do you want to pack light for your next camping trip? If yes, then pick this camping pillow type. This ultralight pillow will give you more space to carry your other camping gear and clothes.

This pillow type is excellent for back or stomach sleepers. However, the side sleepers may face some issues with it.

You will have to use cloths or a puffy jacket to make it lofty. This pillow can be a “Dream Maker” with correct fillings. Otherwise, it can be a nightmare.

Use correct synthetic fills to make it fluffy and comfortable.

UL Inflatable Pillow

This ultralight pillow is excellent for any side sleepers during camping trips. You can enjoy all the comfort of great sleeping bags or sleeping pads with this camping pillow.

Inflatable pillows do not need any support like a stuff sack. This pillow type can provide optimum support to push your head up while sleeping.

If not correctly inflated, this pillow may feel wobbly and disrupt your good night’s sleep. You may feel some discomfort in your ears after a few hours.

Hybrid Pillow

This travel pillow for camping is excellent for almost any type of sleeper. You will find an airbag wrapped with a layer of foam in this hybrid version.

Like any air pillow, the hybrid pillows offer support for your neck and head. Moreover, this hybrid version of the best travel pillow for camping is more comfortable.

Because of various materials, these pillows are bigger and heavier than any other type.

How to choose the Best Travel Pillow for Camping

Choosing the right travel pillow is essential for a refreshing camping trip. If you cannot have a comfortable good night’s sleep, every camping morning will become tedious.

Keep these seven factors in mind to pick the most fabulous travel pillow for your backpacking adventure.

  1. Fabric

When we think about a travel pillow, most of the time, we skip the fabric. However, it is one of the most important factors to choose the best camping travel pillow.

Inflatable and compressible pillows are made with plastic or synthetic materials. They may feel uncomfortable, especially in a humid condition. Besides, these materials may also cause irritation to the skin.

Hybrid and stuff sack pillows come with a cover. Thus, they will feel less irritable during a long sleep. Nevertheless, you may feel suffocating if the cover material is not breathable.

You can pick plastic material for a short time; however, covered pillows will be suitable for long camping trips.

  1. Durability

Pillows made with high-quality polyester materials are more durable than the cheap plastic or Dyneema ones. You can use those durable pillows on many camping trips.

Synthetic polyester material makes the travel pillows withstand rough uses and harsh environments. A good quality pillow will be with you for a long time.

On the contrary, plastic and Dyneema materials may save you some bucks; however, you may end up buying multiple ones.

  1. Weight

Great camping trips are those where you carry less but enjoy the fullest. A lightweight pillow can accommodate more camping gear in your backpack. Thus, you can have a great sleep while performing all the camping hacks.

It is always enticing to carry lightweight pillows. However, some of the lightweight materials are not durable enough to cope with your adventure. It is better to take a medium weight pillow to maintain the balance between packing smartly and sleep deeply.

  1. Easy to Clean

Every best travel pillow for camping needs a wash immediately after the backpacking trip. Thus, if the pillow is not easy to use, it is not easy to use them next time.

Synthetic pillow materials are easy to wash in the washing machine. Nevertheless, do not put the airbag for machine wash. It will ruin the bag.

It is best to follow the care instruction of your travel pillow. Otherwise, wash them by hand.

  1. Storage

Loosely store your travel pillow for camping if you want to use it for a long time. Folding or pressing the pillow while storing may deform it permanently.

It is easy to store synthetic pillows. However, you need to take extra caution for hybrid and inflatable pillows. Heat and pressure are the enemies of those gaming gear.

  1. Noise

Plastic and Dyneema materials make rustling when you move during your sleep. These noises are annoying for both you and your camping buddies if any.

Test the pillow before you buy, whether it makes any noises. Make sure you inflate or fill the pillow to test its noise-making capacities. Otherwise, the cushions may surprise you in the wilderness.

  1. Price

A small hike in your budget can give you the best camping travel pillow. Most of the high-quality synthetic and plastic pillows range within $30. Thus, a little stretch in the pillow budget will go a long way.

It’s time to go for a Camping Trip

See, choosing the best travel pillow for the backpacking trips is not tricky. You just have to consider a few crucial factors.

It’s time to grab your camping gear and hit the road. Always stay with seeoutdoors.com for authentic reviews and camping tips.

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