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Kids love birthdays because they get to have everyone, they know around them showering them with blessings and gifts that represent love in a way very few can match.

Kids love birthdays because they get to have everyone, they know around them showering them with blessings and gifts that represent love in a way very few can match. But why limit that love and happiness to just your kid, why not spread it to everyone?

And a great way to do that would be through birthday return gifts. Let every kid that comes to share a special occasion with you have something exciting to leave with. This isn’t to in anyway brag about something but simply as a reminder to what they have experienced here on this special day. This is exactly what a birthday return gift would do.

If you’re already convinced by the concept of birthday return gifts and just came here to get some ideas, then here’s a list of 7 very unique birthday return gifts that are guaranteed to make your kids birthday memorable for more than just himself.

LED wrist watches

Kids always love to have gadgets of their own so they could be just as cool as their parents. While no one would want their kids to have everything they do, a watch would be a great place to start. A normal watch might not just cut it here though as kids love technology and they would certainly want something that not only displays time but also looks cool and vibrant.

This wrist watch comes with an LED screen that can display both time and date digitally. It’s light weight and fits kids perfectly. The colorful body is certain to catch their attention and it is available in multiple colors.

Animal themed erasers

New school stationary is always exciting for little kids, but often they tend to lose that interest as they keep using them. The tedious work along with what will eventually become boring and repetitive designs of various stationary products is likely the cause.

These animal themed erasers solve that problem by just being awesome. These are available in different colors, shapes and represent different animals. Every kid will certainly find one that catches their eye and they are not likely to get bored of it anytime soon.

Clay charms

Children tend to be a lot more creative at very young ages and supplementing that creativity is extremely essential so that they would grow up to be great individuals who are valuable to the society.

These clay charms are perfect for bolstering a child’s creativity and also give them something they can have fun with but also could spend a lot of time with in a productive way.

Attractive pencil grips

Pencils are without doubt the most essential tools for any child. While there isn’t much you can do the make the pencil itself unique or overtly attractive, you can give them something like this pencil grip as an add-on so they are more interested in picking up their pencil to do some work.

These grips are safe, adorable and very stylish in looks. They not only make a child’s work more enjoyable but also relatively more comfortable as they let them keep a grip for extended periods of time without any fatigue.

Strawberry themed pencil case

Everyone needs a decent bag to carry around their accessories and this is not different when it comes to kids. They need it even more so considering they find it hard to keep track of their belongings all the time. A simple pouch that can hold all their accessories would be a great way to lighten their lives in more than one way.

This pouch has a very sleek and attractive strawberry theme that can easily catch the eyes of kids and has more than enough space to store all their daily class essentials.

Kids Art and Craft brushes set

Art is one of the most sought-after things in the modern civilization and introducing a child to it early on would be one of the best decisions one can ever make. This set of paint brushes will let children draw or paint to make their imagination a reality.

In addition, it also has roller brushes which come with some premade designs that can be easily printed on a paper by just moving the roller around. This would make for a great past time.


One of, if not the most loved toy among all children, the kaleidoscope is a visual representation of joy for almost every kid. This device is relatively cheap and can make for one of the best return gifts that anyone could receive.

In addition to just being eye pleasing and fun to play with, the kaleidoscope can also be quite relaxing and soothing to the eyes and brain.