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7 Gambling Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

7 Gambling Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

The global situation is slowly going back to normal, meaning we’re bound to see drastic changes in gambling and the gambling industry.

December 5th, 2021

The global situation is slowly going back to normal, meaning we’re bound to see drastic changes in gambling and the gambling industry. During the past couple of years, the changes that happened have influenced the way gamblers approach playing casino games.

Technology innovation and the transition to online gambling sites like Casinocrawlers and cryptocurrency pushed the industry into a different trajectory. And with 2022 just a few days away, it’s nice to check out what we’re expecting in the coming year for gambling.

This article will look at these upcoming trends in the gambling world:

  • Crypto As Major Form of Currency
  • Reopening of Land-Based Casinos
  • Increased Popularity of Esports Betting
  • Virtual Reality Gaming
  • Change in Casino Playing Habits
  • More Live Dealers in Online Casinos
  • Continuous Rise of Mobile iGaming

Crypto As Major Form of Currency

Cryptocurrency has been gaining steady momentum over the years, with multiple crypto coins appearing left and right. Bitcoin, in particular, still holds the reins as the top cryptocurrency in the market.

Many online gambling platforms began accepting crypto as a form of payment, with some even offering bonuses for paying using crypto. The anonymity and extra security that crypto payments offer give both gambling sites and customers the confidence that each transaction is safe. To learn more about cryptocurrency, check out the best crypto exchange australia.

However, traditional payment options will still be available on these gambling platforms, allowing those not into crypto to continue playing their favorite games.

Reopening of Land-Based Casinos

2020 saw the closure of most establishments due to the pandemic, with the land-based casino industry taking a severe hit. Due to the closure of many land-based casinos, avid casino players have transitioned to online gambling platforms to get their fix.

With industries going back to business since mid-2021, land-based casinos are opening their doors and accommodating patrons once again. Unfortunately, with limited seating capacities and more players choosing to stay with online casinos, it may take some time for them to recuperate previous losses.

Increased Popularity of Esports Betting

The innovation in communication and internet technology helped esports grow in popularity and support even during the pandemic. Despite lockdowns and travel restrictions, many esports competitions were held in the past couple of months, giving way to more people watching their matches.

But not only fans and spectators are watching, but also seasoned sports betters that see potential in the various league’s competitive nature. This will push esports betting to the next level, even competing with sports betting for traditional sporting events. Some professional leagues that see strong betting include Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Fortnite, and CS:GO, to name a few.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Far from the first virtual reality consoles of yesteryears, virtual reality or VR gaming has become a viable option for many gamers. The technology has leaped forward so much that even the gambling industry started adopting this platform for their casino games. VR technology also helps give players an immersive gaming experience, bringing them as close as possible to their beloved casinos.

Utilizing VR and augmented reality (AR) technology on casino games proves to be where casinos are going. Many software providers for the industry are diving into the technology that they’ve produced several slot machine games as proof of concept.

Change in Casino Playing Habits

The playing habits of casino players took a drastic turn with the rise of online casinos. Traditionally, casino gaming supports a pay-to-play platform, where one must buy tokens first before participating in games. But with many online casinos offering free casino bonuses to compete in the crowded market, it’s almost become a standard for new players.

With the many bonuses and discounts online casinos provide gamers, land-based casinos are taking the challenge head-on. They are finding ways to adapt to this new gaming culture and cater to their potential customers.

More Live Dealers in Online Casinos

Dealers are a vital part of the casino industry, as their wit, charm, and personality entice patrons to continue playing. Most online casinos started with AI dealers and algorithm-based casino games. However, recent studies show that players prefer having a real dealer on their games than computer-controlled ones.

Wanting to please their customers and attract new players, online casino providers are taking the feedback seriously and are starting to make necessary changes. They’ve employed real dealers to play with online gamblers on Baccarat and Blackjack tables while encouraging human interaction amongst players and dealers.

Continuous Rise of Mobile iGaming

The smartwatch industry continues to show a meteoric rise due to its convenient and easy-to-access platform. With an expected global worth of around $33 million by 2022, many game developers are starting to make games for the smartwatch.

Mobile iGaming is the next step in casino gaming technology. Not only limited to smartphones anymore, but current innovations in smartwatches also allow for more accessible casino gaming. Developers are creating immersive casino games that are not only interactive but also rewarding.

Stay Ahead of the Gambling Trends for 2022

Based on the growing trends, the gaming industry is looking bright. Continuous progress in the adaption of cryptocurrency, gaming habits, and the use of the latest technology proves that the casino world is catering to its clientele. While competition is intense, it only pushes the industry forward.



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