So your grandma is finally retiring, huh? Now she will have all the time to spend with her friends, family, and grandchildren. But when these people will not be around, what will she do? Don’t you think it would be boring to just sit idly at home? Yes, it will be for a person who has worked all their lives, who is habitual to a routine, and suddenly they have nothing to do. So why not take this opportunity and gift her something she could use to pass her time? Maybe things related to her favorite hobbies or something that can entertain her.

So if your super busy grandma is about to retire and you’re literally wondering how to keep them busy and occupied, look no further than our blog below.

In today’s article, we’ll look through 7 gift ideas you can give your retired grandma to pass her time. So if you want to know more about this, stick around until the end.

1. Baking Items

Most grandmas are fond of baking cakes and cookies for their grandchildren or friends. But they mostly use old items or a whisk to mix the batter, which takes a lot of time and effort to bake. You can gift your grandma baking tins, electric whisk, icing cones, and beautifully shaped cookie cutters.

2. Candle Making kit

If your grandma is a big-time DIY lady, then you can gift her a candle making kit. She can pass her time by making beautiful scented and colorful candles for herself and her friends. This is another way to keep them entertained. Gift her good candle making kits and different fragrance oils. Everyone loves candles, and they also provide a therapeutic medium.

3. Yarn and needles

You might have noticed most old age women are fond of weaving or making something out of wool or yarn. Making sweaters, tops, socks, and beanies is one of their favorite hobbies. However, it’s a skill that one needs to learn before making these. So, if your grandma can weave or do crochet work, you can gift them a crochet set containing different yarn colors. Your grandma will be stunned to see this, as it is a thoughtful gift indeed.

4. Necklace-making kit

You can gift your grandma a necklace-making kit that includes thread, wire, colorful beads, jump rings, pliers, etc. These can help your grandma to make beautiful necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc. You can also open an Etsy account where she can sell her beautiful works, which will keep her happy and entertained. You can easily find such kits on amazon and on Etsy as well.

5. A Good Smartphone

A good smartphone can help her pass her free time. If you live far away from your grandma, she can communicate with you through a smartphone anytime. She can also communicate with her friends through a rectangular screen. This will keep her happy and joyful as she can also binge-watch her favorite shows and listen to songs or watch videos of her interest anytime.

6. Books

Someone said, ‘nothing is better than gifting a book.’ So you can buy books for your grandma as a retirement gift. Search for your grandma’s favorite writer and bring her the books she always wanted. You can also gift her a ‘kindle’ where she can read books online and carry them around to read whichever books she feels like. Books are a thoughtful gift, and nothing can beat that.

7. Piano

The piano is relaxing, soothing and refreshing. Nurturing music and learning piano are beautiful and interesting. You can gift your grandma a piano to make it big. If she can play, then there’s no gift like this. If she doesn’t know how to play the piano, you can always keep an instructor to teach her; that way, she can take up a new hobby as well.

Final Thoughts

These are some of our favorite gift ideas for your sweet grandma. I hope these ideas were able to light a spark in your mind. Hopefully, this article was relevant and informative to your hunt. Subscribe to our newsletter for more useful content. Comment down below if you have any queries. Till the next time, take care.


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