When deciding on the type of CCTV surveillance system you would like to install at your residential or business property; there are a few significant factors to consider before deciding on a system that will provide you with the best possible security solution.

1. Budget

The goal is to purchase the best CCTV camera system within your budget, that will give you value for money, and that can provide you with the security requirements you need.

When you have a tight budget, it might be of value to you to invest in an entry-level first, so that you have the option of installing more cameras at a later stage. It’s always better to consider good quality brands instead of opting for cheaper alternatives that you’ll regret later on.

2. Warranty

When you’re buying unknown brands or unbranded cameras, they only offer a six-monthly product guarantee. You must buy a CCTV system from a reputable security company that offers you a three-year warranty, and that can assist you with installation or provide you with a self-installation guide.

3. Camera Capabilities

It is paramount for you to discuss your options with the CCTV Perth service provider to dictate which option is the most favourable for you. Cameras are available in various storage and lens sizes. You need to consider the degree of the wide-angle lens to establish the field of vision you will require.

For instance, a camera with a 4mm lens and 60-degree wide angle, will adequately distinguish a human target for up to four meters but it won’t have sufficient range to capture images of the surrounding properties as well. Storage space can be increased by adding extra hard drives to the system.

4. Camera Type

There are three different types of CCTV surveillance cameras available:

  • Entry level analogue – Cheapest option
  • High Definition (HD) – More expensive option
  • Internet Protocol (IP) – More expensive option

The option you’ll be choosing will be determined by your current and future security needs as well as the quality of the images you require.

5. Camera Position

Placement of the first camera will be determined by the terrane of your business or home property and your security requirements. In most cases, the first camera will be installed close to the entrance door or gate while the rest of the cameras are placed at weaker spots such as the back wall. Placing cameras that cover the entire outside of the property gives you the option of an early warning system especially when the cameras are connected to outdoor security beams.

6. Support Lighting

It is vital to have adequate support lighting installed for recording security footage in colour at night. Otherwise, the images will record in black and white. You can discuss the best options with a security professional.

7. Installation

When researching types of CCTV systems, it is significant to include the cost of CCTV installation into your equation to get an accurate estimate of what you’ll be paying towards the project.


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