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7 Must-Dos To Keep Your House Plants Alive

7 Must-Dos To Keep Your House Plants Alive

Tired of waking up in the morning just to see your potted greens by the windowsill slowly dying? As plant parents ourselves, we feel you.

November 24th, 2020

Tired of waking up in the morning just to see your potted greens by the windowsill slowly dying? As plant parents ourselves, we feel you. There’s probably no more heart-breaking than seeing all your efforts put to waste when one plant baby says goodbye.

We know you’ve done your best to take care of them. But maybe it’s not enough. Maybe it’s about time to shake up your strategies in taking care of your babies.

We asked our friends at Hello Blooms, who were born with green thumbs (we’re jealous!), for some advice on how you should properly take care of your little greens. And here’s what they have to say:

1. Put them under a well-lit spot

It’s one of the basic things to keep in mind when adopting a houseplant. Unlike your garden where there is abundant sunlight, your house has light scarcity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t grow plants inside. Just make sure that your plants will be able to absorb sufficient light by placing them in perfectly lit spots.

2. Don’t drown them with water

While water is essential for plants to live, sometimes it also becomes the killer when plants are overwatered. Just take it easy, plant moms! Water them regularly, yes, but don’t drown them.

There’s a right way to know whether your babies are thirsty. Just stick your finger into the soil about an inch deep. If it feels dry, then it’s time for a drink! Watch out for the signs, too. If the leaves of your plants begin to yellow, they’re probably drowned with water.

3. Drain holes are must-haves

Lack of drain holes at the bottom of the pots is probably the reason why your houseplants get drowned.

We understand that a bright yellow pot with cute prints is tempting, but does it have drain holes? More than the design, plant parents should focus more on the functionality of each pot. And looks are secondary.

So the next time you are going on a pot and plants shopping, make sure that the pots you’re buying have drain holes.

4. Prune

When you have split-ends, your instincts tell you to cut them right away, right? It’s the same with your potted plants. When you see some leaves start to wither, get your scissors and cut them off.

The science behind it is that dead leaves which are still intact on the stem still receive nutrients. You don’t want dead leaves to get all the energy that is meant to be distributed to the healthier parts, right? That’s why pruning is part of the process.

You can also encourage growth if you prune your plants. If you cut the top of your potted green, it may grow further down the stem, resulting in a bushier plant.

5. Fertilize your soil

Plants grow healthier when they’re on a healthier soil. Normally when you shop for plants, they’re already planted on good soil. And you have to keep it that way.

You can do this by fertilizing them with organic fertilizers that are readily available in your trusted nurseries. You can also ask them for recommendations to see what kind of fertilizer suits your plant babies.

6. Learn from your fellow plant parents

There are tons of blogs or articles that cater to plant moms and dads like you. And you are reading on one. Nowadays, information is already out there and it’s only up to you where and when to learn the knowledge available on the internet.

So don’t feel embarrassed if there are simple things about your plant baby that you have to google. It’s only natural and part of the learning process! Especially when you are taking care of a very specific plant, you might want to learn some tricks from someone in the digital world who also takes care of the same plant as yours.

7. Dust off your plants

Your plant babies can accumulate dust, too. And just like your furniture, they need some cleaning every now and then. When the leaves of your plants are covered with dust, the plant finds it hard to absorb light from the sun. As you already know, sunlight is their source of energy. If that source is compromised, your plant could die.

To avoid this, clean the leaves of your plant babies regularly. Wet a cloth and wipe them gently to achieve the healthy shine of the leaves again!

We believe that you don’t have to be born with a green thumb (although that is really helpful) to keep a plant baby alive. It takes a lot of effort and learning to perfect the art growing your house plants. And the fact that you’re doing your own research, you’re already off to a good start!

So if you’re a plant parent or just planning to be a plant mom or dad, good thing you reached up to this point. Follow the tips we’ve rounded up and never see a dying plant again!



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