Going on a picnic with your family can be a great experience and a wonderful way to have some quality time with the people who love you the most. Moreover, a picnic allows you to get outdoors and disconnect for a while.

However, though a family picnic is a perfect way to spend your afternoon or evening, why not take them to the next level. Here are seven incredible products that will make your family picnic livelier and more exciting.

So, please keep reading to check them out.

A Cooler Backpack:

When you are going on a picnic, you will surely take some drinks with you; however, it is the worst when your drinks get warm by setting out to drink them. So, the solution is to keep the drinks in a cooler.

But, when you have chosen a picnic spot that requires you to walk a lot, carrying the cooler in your hand will not be easy, especially when you consider the other stuff you will be carrying. To solve this problem, consider a cooler backpack.

The YETI Hopper Backflip 24 has space for all of your drinks, and it is way easier to carry because you can wear it like a bag, instead of carrying the weight in your hands. Furthermore, this cooler backpack is also waterproof and sunlight proof, so you don’t have to worry about your food getting warm if the cooler stays in the sunlight for too long.

A hoverboard:

Hoverboards have become very trendy these days, and if you want the kids to have some fun on your next picnic, how about bringing a hoverboard along. Riding the hoverboard in the park can be a lot of fun, and since you are going to be nearby, you can also keep an eye on the kids and make sure that they are safe.

Though the word hoverboard does have “hover,” you can be sure that these products don’t fly; they have wheels; however, the self-balancing mechanism in some hoverboards does make it feel like you are flying on a low cloud of air.

Moreover, hoverboards come in different sizes, and if your kids don’t have a mini hoverboard, you can also take it for a spin and enjoy the picnic even more. Now, you might be wondering whether these hoverboards are super expensive, but you can easily get inexpensive hoverboards that are safety certified as well. You can also check Skywalker Board Review for the best hoverboard

A portable grill:

When you are going camping or on a picnic, you don’t want to take all the food from home. Sometimes it is more fun to cook the food outdoors on the picnic site. This allows your food to be warm and fresh.

If you are planning on cooking, then how about a picnic barbecue. You can fire up a portable grill and cook some delicious burgers or steaks to enjoy on your family picnic. If you are interested, you should check out the Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill.

This portable grill is perfect for the job, and you can cook six burgers on it at once. It is easy to carry, and the compact body allows you to fit it in your car easily, with all the other things as well. Therefore, if you want to combine the family barbecue party and the family picnic, this portable grill will be quite handy.

A portable Bluetooth speaker:

There is nothing quite like listening to some soothing music while enjoying a picnic with your family in the great outdoors. Though you can play music on your phone, the small speakers probably don’t do it justice. Therefore, you should consider bringing a nice Bluetooth speaker for the picnic.

Though there are loads of amazing Bluetooth speakers in the market, if you want something comfortable to carry around and has an amazing quality of sound, you need to check out the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker.

You can connect to this incredible device from your phone, or any other Bluetooth enabled device, and play your favorite music to take your picnic to the next level.

Some fun board games:

Picnics aren’t only about eating; in fact, the primary purpose is to have a fun and enjoyable time with the people you love. Therefore, if you are going on a family picnic, you should consider bringing along some fun board games to play.

You can get a chess set for the more intellectual players; however, nothing beats monopoly for board games. It would help if you also considered getting a deck of Uno cards for the kids to play while the adults have an intense chess game.

Moreover, if you want everyone to be more active, you can also play some fun family sports. You can play an exciting game of softball in the park or even throw around a Frisbee. You can also play a fun game of catch with your kids.

A portable cocktail bar for the adults:

When you are on a picnic with your siblings and parents, some nice cocktails can make things more enjoyable. However, you can’t find a bar at most picnic spots, or can you?

Well, if you invest in Hamilton Travel Bar, you can have all the cocktails you want, wherever you want. The portable comes equipped with all the items you need to make a flawless cocktail.

Apart from the glassware, there are 16 different mixing tools in the case, which include a jigger, cutting board, bar knife, cocktail shaker, stir stick, and strainer. The case also has a room or three bottles of your favorite liquors, and with the comfortable handles, you can easily carry the case anywhere.

A bug repellent device:

Evening picnics are enjoyable, but when bugs and mosquitoes come flying down, it cannot be pleasant. These annoying bugs won’t leave you alone unless you do something about them. Well, here is a solution.

Check out the Thermacell bug repellent device, a non-chemical and odorless solution, which will keep all the bugs away while enjoying your picnic. This wireless and chargeable device is very simple to use; turn it on, place it near your picnic spot, and say goodbye to all those pesky bugs.


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