Spring brings a lot of changes in the weather. After winter, it brings new life, blooming flowers, and warm temperatures. So, as outside temperatures rise, and the days get longer, homeowners may want to invest in some modifications that can help them through the scorching summer months. Although you have many options for using your outdoor space or backyard, as you head toward warmer days, a screened-in porch may be the best choice. If you are already familiar with traditional verandas, you can easily understand how this particular structure can enhance your quality of life as well as your property value. All you need to do is hire skilled Screened-In Porch Contractors to maximize the benefits of this useful space.

Unlike a traditional porch, a screened-in is built into or next to the exterior of your home. The structure is surrounded by window screens to keep out birds, insects, and other debris. The window mesh used in these verandas is plastic or metal wire mesh stretched over a metal or wooden frame. A screened-in porch allows you to maximize your outdoor space even if it’s hot outside so you can enjoy your outdoors year-round.

What is a screened-in porch?

Those who have not heard much about screened porches may be skeptical about what this structure looks like or whether they should invest in this type of structure. A screened-in porch is like a covered porch or deck, and you can also call it a screen room. It has a roof to ensure protection from weather elements and a screen to let in fresh air and keep out insects. In essence, we can say that a Screened Porch in Atlanta is a worthwhile investment for homeowners that allows them to make the most of their outdoor space while remaining safe.

Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Screened-In Porch

●     Have an additional living space for your family

The first and foremost thing about building a Screened-In Porch is that it will serve as an additional living space for your loved ones. As a highly useful space, it allows you to enjoy video gaming and movie sessions as well as other small group games like a deck of cards. It doesn’t matter how the outside temperature is, you can relish all these things with your people and create memories that will last a lifetime.

●     Increase your property value

As is true with the other outside structures you build, a screened-in porch can increase your property value to a certain extent. So, if you plan to rent out or sell your property in the future, this can be a highlighting feature to attract quality clients. After all, it enhances the curb appeal of your home, which is a critical aspect in determining the worth of your property.

Screened-In Porch

●     Add architectural interest to your property 

A screened-in porch can make your overall property look more exquisite. Are you wondering how? Well, this type of structure can add an architectural interest to your property, which will boost its curb appeal. Not to mention, it also serves as a focal point in your backyard.

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●     Enjoy outdoors with enhanced privacy

Unlike other structures you build to increase your outdoor living space, a screened-in porch can add to your privacy while enjoying the outdoors. The mesh screen used in this type of porch can improve your privacy with a barrier.  Indeed, mesh screens are not fully opaque, but they can provide sufficient barriers against neighbors or people passing by. This way, you can find a relaxing spot outside of your home to break out from monotonous, daily household chores. But if you build screened-in porches by hiring screened-in porch contractors, you ensure no one will see through and disturb your privacy. In short, it will provide you with additional peace of mind outside your home.

●     Keep mosquitoes, bees, and flies at bay

Suppose you are enjoying a grand dinner with your people in fresh air and open skies. Everything seems just picture perfect. But you never know when the unwelcomed guests mosquitoes, bees, and flies will join you at the table, and interrupt your family time.

However, if you have invested in a screened-in porch, you don’t need to worry much about all this. Consequently, you can enjoy all your favorite outdoor activities without getting worried about flying pests.

Screened-In Porch

Considering all the good things we have talked about in our post, one thing is pretty clear: you have got the answer to your question. A screened-in porch is indeed a worthwhile investment. By building a Screened Porch in Atlanta outside of your property, you can give yourself a better option to utilize your outdoor area all seasons. However,  you must hire skilled screened-in builders to bring this unique concept to life. Outdoor Makeovers and Living Spaces is an accredited, full-service landscaping company serving throughout Atlanta, GA.

As Atlanta’s premier and most trusted landscaping service provider, it caters to all your needs under one roof. Head to their website now to learn more about the services they offer and request a consultation to discuss your project.


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