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7 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Drink Tea

7 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Your Kids to Drink Tea

Although tea contains caffeine, it comes with some pretty amazing health benefits. Therefore, you can specially prepare it to suit your kids.

September 25th, 2020

Although tea contains caffeine, it comes with some pretty amazing health benefits. Therefore, you can specially prepare it to suit your kids. Instead of the normal tea, which contains a lot of caffeine, you can give your kid a decaf drink that you can purchase on physical stores or you can also find decaf tea online.

Furthermore, you need to identify the right content that suits your child since an ingredient that is suitable for one kid may not suit another. Here are seven reasons why you should encourage your child to drink a cup.

1. May treat constipation

Flaxseed is popular for relaxing and improving bowel movement. If your kid is constipating, serve him or her a cup of this special drink to help ease bowel movement. Besides, it helps the child relax, making it the best solution.

2. May lower anxiety levels

As kids grow, they experience a lot of anxiety because their understanding is not the same as that of adults. In challenging times like during their exams, children may be very anxious and stressed, which is not healthy.

With a warm cup, you can help reduce the stress level of your kid and help the child relax as they do those exams. If you are not sure about the health status of the kid, check with your nutritionist and get advice on the best drink for your kid.

3. Can lower fever

The drink plays an important role in relieving fever. In case your child has a fever, give the kid a cup of warm this drink and watch as the fever goes down. To quicken the process, add several slices of ginger. You may also go for lemon flavor or chamomile as they have a better effect.

4. May treat nausea

Vomiting and upset stomach may cause nausea. Nausea is very common in kids, especially since their immune system is not fully developed. As the immune system grows, it tries to fight both sickness and nausea. To relieve nausea in kids, you can use ginger flavored since ginger is known as the ideal solution for nausea.

5. Can cure cold and cough

Just like in adults, tea also treats both common cold and cough in kids. It will relieve severe throat discomfort and treat that irritating cough. You may use peppermint bags to relive both a cough and nasal congestion.

6. May treat colic

Colic is common in children. These severe stomach pains are very uncomfortable for kids and may make your kid cry for hours. Serving warm cup may be the ideal solution to treat colic in kids. Some of the best drinks to treat colic include chamomile and peppermint, which can be found in online tea and coffee shop.

7. May relief digestion problems

Some tea like ginger and fennel help in treating digestion problems in kids. For an upset stomach and any other related digestion issue, serve this type of drink to help your child in their digestion.

Decaffeinated tea

Decaf, short for decaffeinated, refers to leaves that specially processed to remove caffeine. According to the law, any tea labelled decaffeinated must 2.5% or less of its initial caffeine. Since it has less caffeine, decaf can be given to children. Besides, adults who experience sleepless nights after taking a caffeinated drink can opt for decaf drink.

The drink offers the same great benefits and has an extra advantage of less caffeine since excess caffeine is not good for our health. Decaf drink is available as loose leaf tea and in tea bags.

How to prepare tea for your kids

If you want to make a cup for your kid, you have to make several adjustments, which include going for tea leaves with less caffeine. To make a healthy drink, try this recipe.

  • Boil half a cup or glass of water.
  • As the water boils, add a slice of ginger and if you wish, add a bit of cardamom powder.
  • Add a teaspoon of tea leaves and wait for about 2 to 3 minutes.
  • If you feel the drink is very strong, dilute with water to make it suitable for your kid.
  • You can go ahead to add milk although this is not a must.
  • Remember to serve a lukewarm and not hot drink to your kids.

Why tea is better than coffee for kids

Coffee contains a lot of caffeine as compared to tea. As a result, coffee may result in insomnia and a lot of restlessness at night in kids. Kids need to have enough sleep at night for effective growth.

Also, coffee improves urine creation, which results in less calcium, thus affecting bone strength in kids. Caffeine is said to be an appetite suppressant. Drinking coffee, therefore, may lower your child’s appetite, which very unhealthy. Coffee is acidic in general. This acidity may weaken enamel in kids resulting in teeth problems. It may also cause cavities.

Experts suggest that coffee stimulates the body, which leads to hyperactivity. A lot of restlessness is harmful to kids at a young age making coffee detrimental to the health of your child. With this information in mind, it would be best if your kid had tea rather than coffee.

Final Thoughts

Tea is both beneficial to kids and adults. However, excess caffeine in this drink can be harmful to kids. As you make this drink for your kid, make sure it has less caffeine and you may choose decaf tea for this. Serve a warm cup of this drink and let your kid enjoy it.

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