Going for a vacation can be an ideal stress buster for you this winter. However, while enjoying your holiday, it’s also vital that your home remains pest-free so that you don’t receive an unpleasant surprise upon your return. Planning and implementing thorough pest management strategies before your vacation is the key to a pest-free home.

You should know that you can follow several easy tips to keep your home away from insects, but you must practice the correct procedure. Follow the seven tips mentioned below to make sure you enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

1. Cleanliness Is The Key

Keeping essential spaces in your home, such as the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms clean, will keep your home safe from insects. Ensure no leftover food is lying around any of these areas, and make sure all edible items are stored in tightly-sealed containers or in the refrigerator before you leave.

It would help if you also mopped the floor of your home before leaving for your vacation to ensure it remains free from dust and debris. It is also crucial that you seal any cracks in your bathrooms and bedrooms with caulk so that there is no gateway for any insects to enter.

2. Ensure All Your Doors And Windows Are Tightly Sealed

Not closing the doors and windows of your home before leaving for a holiday can be a recipe for disaster. Check all your entry points and make sure they are all tightly shut before leaving your residence. If by any chance, your openings are not closing properly, you must get them repaired ASAP. Even small spaces are easy entry points for several pests to gain access to your property.

3. Get Rid Of Accumulated Waste From The Drains

Check your drains in the kitchen and make sure no accumulated food items or residue remain present while you are away. Any build-up of waste can be a breeding ground for several insects, causing them to wreak havoc when your back. You can clean your drains with a homemade solution. Consider adding vinegar and baking soda for an effective mixture. Adding drain covers or drain screens is also an excellent technique to prevent pests from entering the insides of your drain.

4. Opt For Professional Pest Control Services

You can opt for your home to get professionally serviced by a top pest control company. Today there are several companies to choose from, plus the services are affordable. The companies use different safe and scientific approaches to keep several pets such as ants, bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and rodents at bay.

One of the main advantages of opting for pest control service is that trained professionals come into your home to ensure pests can’t enter. Plus, you can also request the technicians to help you understand specific tips for preventing insects in the future.

5. Fix Any Leaks

Leakages in your home are a haven for pests to start breeding, making it quite challenging to eliminate pests once your back. The water accumulation caused by the leaks attracts pests to your drainage systems and bathrooms. Always check for any leakages and get it fixed at the earliest by yourself or with professionals’ help.

6. Don’t Leave Any Garbage Indoors

It would be best to get rid of the garbage in your home before departing for your vacation. Removing waste does not require a lot of effort, and the help of the garbage disposal system can be an added advantage. Effective garbage disposal methods will also eliminate unnecessary odors in your home.

7. Get Rid Of Any Unnecessary Items

Items such as old boxes, empty ice cream containers, unused milk cartons, and old paper can attract insects. All you need to do is get rid of the old and unused items in your home so that no insects get a chance to enter and breed on any of these extra materials. Create a list of items that will not be used upon your return and eliminate them. Freeing old stuff in your home can be a good idea to have more space for things that you actually need.

The Final Word

Ultimately making sure your home remains pest-free will ensure you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. Plus, when you return, you can take it easy and not worry about a thing as your property will remain well protected for the next few months.


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