8 Easy to Find ‘Super Food’ Alternatives

You know the feeling. You’re probably scrolling through your Insta-feed, taking in the mouth-watering #fitspo recipes… Mountains of granola with delicious, exotic ingredients or the impossibly healthy stack of pancakes with impossibly healthy peanut butter to go with it. But then you realise that you don’t live next to a Trader Joe’s or a Health Foods and that Stevia, raw cacao and all the rest of the ‘essential’ ingredients are completely out of your reach. Cue Nicole Berrie – co-founder of Bonberi wellness site – to come up with some accessible, every day substitutions.

Kale vs. Spinach


Spinach is just as high in iron, magnesium, calcium as well as vitamin C, K and A. The taste is also very similar to the edgiest of vegetables.


Flax Seeds vs. Walnuts


Flax seeds are known for their omega-3 and essential fatty acids which improve memory and possibly reduce rates of breast cancer (due to their anti-inflammatory agents). It certainly sounds like they deserve their ‘Super Food’ fame… however, walnuts can provide you with the same nutritional value as flax seeds.


Acai vs. Blueberries


Acai is associated with being an antioxidant – which reduce ageing – yet blueberries have the highest amount of antioxidants of any berry. They also improve heart health and reduce the risk of a heart attack. In smoothies or over your cereal, they’re surely a winner.


Chlorella vs. Coriander and Parsley


Both coriander and parsley are known to be great for detox, especially if juiced. The options for juicing are endless; apple, ginger, orange…


Raw Cacao vs. Dark Chocolate


Not only is dark chocolate a lot cheaper than cacao, but it contains as much antioxidant power as its promiscuous raw other half. Also, it has a sweeter aftertaste when used in baking. However, always ensure you buy 70% or higher and that the product contains no dairy or refined sugar.


Spirulina vs. Toasted Seaweed


Spirulina is a blue-green algae often used in health shakes and has been reported to prevent heart disease due to its high source of iron and vitamin B. It’s notoriously hard to find, so for the same health benefits try toasted seaweed sheets for a healthy, unusual option – for example in a wrap. Sea weed should be available in most big supermarkets, if not try an Asian supermarket.


Maca Powder vs. Figs


The Maca root is vitamin B, and is known to balance hormones as well as improve mood and tissue function. Figs have many of the same qualities and are of course a lot easier to find than maca powder.


Hemp Seeds vs. Sardines


There’s no denying that hemp seeds are a miracle food: high in protein, contain all 10 essential amino acids and even act as an anti-inflammatory agent. However, sardines are also low in mercury and high in omega-3s, magnesium and vitamin B. Sardines are delicious in scrambled eggs or on toast.

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