Passing your driver’s test and obtaining a license doesn’t automatically mean you are a riding pro. It takes time and experience to master the art of riding on two wheels. You might see other motorcyclists cruising at high speeds and think it is a walk in the park. However, this is not the case, as they probably had their fair share of mistakes before becoming proficient. You also need to know how to control your bike and prevent it from controlling you. These kinds of mistakes can lead to a fatality. Well, this article will discuss the mistakes you should avoid as a beginner in motorcycle riding.

Hitting the brakes on a curve

One of the most common and most severe mistakes you can make as a newbie motorcycle driver would be to hit the brakes while maneuvering a curve. Most rookies reach for the brakes when they feel they are going too fast. Instead of braking on a curve, it would be best to maintain a steady gas stream, and you will be out of this harrowing situation before you know it.

Cameras for motorbikes provide an added layer of safety and security, capturing footage of the road ahead to enhance rider awareness and document journeys for both recreational and safety purposes.

Running out of fuel

Some motorcycles do not have a fuel gauge, making it easy to run out of fuel before you realize your tank needs a refill. Though you are not in danger when you run out of gas, it can be highly frustrating and inconvenient. If you do not have a fuel gauge, you will have to estimate how far you can go before you need to refuel.

Failing to remove the crutch

You might not be the only beginner who forgets to remove the crutch before driving your motorcycle. Though this is not a serious offense, your engine tends to suffer in the long run. Another rookie mistake would be to ride your bike with a partially-raised crutch. Always check the position of your stand before you hit the gas.

Halting on an uneven road

Imagine you are at a red light, and you have to stop your bike until the light turns green. Ideally, you will need to keep one foot on the ground until you can hit the gas and drive off. Since the road is slightly uneven, all your body weight and the weight of your motorcycle will rest on one foot. Eventually, the weight becomes too heavy to bear, forcing you to tumble to the ground. Fortunately, once you make this rookie mistake, you will be careful not to repeat it.

Not hiring a lawyer when you get involved in an accident

As a newbie to motorcycle riding, you should strive to protect your safety and the people around you. Accidents can happen and a common mistake would be failing to reach out to an attorney to protect your rights. You could begin your search for an attorney on the Internet by googling motorcycle accident attorneys for hire and find a top one in your area. A good attorney will help you build a solid case to defend or file for a claim to recover damages, pain and suffering. The attorney will guide you through the various legal procedures pertaining to accidents. So, take time to hire a top attorney with proof of credentials in auto accident cases, particularly motorcycle incidents.

Playing the music too loud

When the volume of your radio is too loud, it becomes pretty challenging to perceive the noises around you. If your volume is at the right level, you will be better positioned to watch out for risky situations and avoid potential accidents. You are also more vulnerable to other motorists driving with their music too loud or driving recklessly. Try your best to protect yourself.

Forgetting your disc lock

You would be surprised to know that even experienced bikers forget to remove their record lock before driving off. An excellent idea that will prevent you from forgetting about your disc lock is to use a neon yellow card as a visual reminder. Fortunately, these neon cards only cost a few bucks at the auto shops.

Failure to master clutch control

The clutch is one of the most challenging parts to control on a motorcycle. It would be best to learn how to disengage the clutch as quickly as possible and avoid treating it as a simple switch. It might be complicated at first, but you will get the hang of it with enough practice.

Wrapping up

Before riding with a passenger, ensure you are confident enough to ride solo. You wouldn’t want to put somebody else’s life at risk due to inexperience or under-confidence on the road. Focus on learning as much as you can about your bike, and you will become a pro in no time. Safety should also be at the forefront of everything you do as you learn to cruise on two wheels.


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