8 Most Commonplace Plumbing Issues At Your Home Or Business

According to research conducted, it was revealed that homeowners, on average, depending on the size of their house, call a plumber about once every three years. It may seem like it’s a lot, but it’s not if you compare it to individuals that have a visit from their local plumber at least once yearly.

There are various types of plumbing issues that can be viewed as common plumbing issues, irrespective of how significant or how small they are. 

8 Most Familiar Plumbing Issues People Generally Experience 

1.    Dripping Faucets

The average person will at some point have a problem with a dripping faucet which they’ve probably disregarded for a while. Not only does a dripping faucet waste valuable water, but it also increases your water bill, which means you’re also throwing money into the water so to speak. 

2.    Leaking Pipes

You’ll typically see a rise in leaking pipes during the colder months, but it is an issue that can occur all year-round. Most pipes start leaking near the joints. Therefore, it is a commended practice to keep an eye on wet spots on your ceiling or the ground. Water damage are not just a costly endeavour but is one of your crucial plumbing issues that needs fixing right away.

3.    Running Toilets

A leaking toilet should never be overlooked since it can waste up to two hundred gallons of water per day. This is a massive amount of wastage. An internal water leak can also cause severe damage to your home, which can be highly pricey.

4.    Low Water Pressure

Many of your older homes experience low water pressure, which can be a result of various issues. It would be constructive to contact a plumbing NYC professional to visit your home and assess the root of the problem, mainly if a leak is an underlying issue.

5.    A Leaking Hose Bibb

Leaking hose bibbs are a familiar problem during the summer and spring months. After long and cold winters, hose bibbs aren’t protected and can sustain cracks which can start leaking. Plumbers generally recommend clients to invest in frost-proof bibbs to reduce the risk of future leaks.

6.    Clogged Or Slow Draining Sinks

It’s better to enlist the aid of an experienced plumber to unclog the drain and try to refrain from over-the-counter drain cleaners. Preventative maintenance can also assist in avoiding such a problem.

7.    Sump Pump Malfunction

After a persistent period of heavy rainfall, you may experience a malfunctioning sump pump. It’s best to have the issue tended to as soon as possible to protect your house and belongings.

8.    Water Heater Issues

It’s never a pleasant feeling to get into the shower and find when you open the tap a cold stream of water hits you first thing in the morning. The average lifespan of a water heater is anything from 8-12 years conditional on the annual maintenance. No matter whether your plumbing problem is conventional or not, a certified plumber can sort it out promptly and efficiently.

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