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8 Small Businesses to Set Up in Your Garage

8 Small Businesses to Set Up in Your Garage

The days of big office buildings may be at an end.

July 18th, 2022

The days of big office buildings may be at an end. With so many people and companies embracing and enjoying the benefits of remote working, it’s no wonder that when people are deciding to launch a business, they’ve forgone signing a lease for a fancy office space.

We’ve listed some of the top benefits to setting up a company from your home garage, as well as the top 10 business to consider.

Some great benefits

Those who have been working from home as of late will know the amazing benefits that have come from this trend. Here are just a few!

Work-life balance

While it can be difficult to achieve a work-life balance, especially when you’re running your own business, it’s much easier to do so when you’re based from home.

Saving on costs

From the cost of the commute including train tickets and fuel prices, to avoiding buying expensive lunches, working from home can save you in an array of costs.


Working from home gives you the opportunity to be much more flexible with your time, which can overall improve your mental health.

Top ten small business ideas

Here are some great ideas for small businesses you can set up from your garage!


If you have been trained as a barber, why not transform your garage into an at-home hair salon? It’s a great space for it and you can style to your liking.


Do you have woodworking skills? Why not transform your garage into a workspace to build items or work on projects for clients.

Software Developer

With tech accelerating at a rapid rate, the need for software developers is greater than ever before. Software devs are in high demand and the roles often pay quite lucratively, so if you’ve ever been interested in coding or a career as a developer, now is definitely the time to get involved. You can set up a workstation in your garage too – with lots of space for computers and other kit you need to get started.

Graphic Designer

Whether it’s print design or for digital, graphic designers are also in high demand. Whether you’ve been to art school or are just starting out, launching a graphic design business could be a great way to start your own company and earn some money for it.

Fashion Designer

A garage is a great space to build up a fashion brand, with lots of room to design and make items. Why not host your very own garage fashion show in your studio?


While you don’t need a lot of space to be a writer, atmosphere can make a difference when it comes to inspiration. Having a garage to turn into a writing room will give you the alone time and space needed for the big ideas to happen and to avoid the all dreaded writer’s block.

Yoga Teacher

Many of us are enjoying the benefits of practicing yoga, which is why so many people are training to become yoga teachers these days. A garage is a great place to convert to a studio, so worthwhile to consider that instead of renting a separate space.

Personal Trainer

If you’re into fitness, personal training might be the right job for you! Garages when converted can be great spaces to work out or train clients without having to spend fees to access a gym.



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