When it comes to planning a wedding, it can be a dream and a nightmare at the same time. Since there is so much to think about and plan, it’s easy to overlook the small yet important details.

Keep reading for eight must-haves every woman needs before their wedding day.

1) The Perfect Engagement Ring

Before the wedding planning ever starts, of course, the bride has to have the perfect engagement ring. This is the most important detail – it’s what begins the entire process! However, it will take time for her partner to select the right ring.

Just by looking at a collection, like https://www.diamondsonrichmond.co.nz/engagement-ring-collection, you’ll see that these rings are very different from wedding rings. They come in a variety of different designs, from Norfolk to Nottingham. Just like wedding rings, engagement rings need to be selected with care.

2) Seating Charts

When you’re trying to figure out who to invite to your wedding, you may forget to plan out who sits where. Having a seating chart can come in handy, especially when your guests are not sure where to sit or some guests may not get along. Taking care of every little detail, including seating charts, will help your wedding day run much smoother.

3) The Marriage License

The most important part of a wedding is arguably the marriage license! Make sure everything is in order before your big day by going to the courthouse and getting this piece of paper. Assign someone to look after the license so it does not get lose during the chaos of your big day.

4) Final Transportation Plans

After your perfect day, you do not want to be stuck calling a cab or Uber. Make sure to plan your transportation out of the wedding before so that you are not stuck all night in your wedding dress. You can make your escape route fun by attaching bottles or cans to the back of whatever car you’re leaving. You can even get a helicopter to escort you away! Pick the perfect plan for you and your sweetheart.

5) Wedding Boxes

Wedding boxes are an easy way to keep important things organized for your big day. For example, put together a cake box that includes things for the cake. The box can have knives, forks, toasting glasses, and whatever else you need for your wedding cake. Staying organized is key to having a picture-perfect wedding.

6) A Great Rehearsal Dinner

The perfect way to set the tone for your big day is by having a beautiful rehearsal dinner. Make it perfect by ordering catering from your family’s restaurant or having a nice family meal. Rehearsal dinners let you practice for your big day but bond with your loved ones at the same time.

7) Welcome Bags

Preparing welcome bags is a great way to make your guests feel at home at your wedding. You can stuff goodie bags with fun items such as candy, small accessories, or keepsakes to remember your special day. Take the extra time to organize these gift bags and your guests will thank you later.

8) The Perfect Playlist

If you’re picky about the kind of music you listen to, you should put together a playlist for your big day. This way, the band or DJ knows your music preferences and can play music more suited to your tastes.

Make Your Day Perfect

By going over every detail of your wedding beforehand, you can make the day perfect. Pay attention to details that will welcome your guests, such as food, welcome bags, and other goodies. By having good organization and planning skills, you can have the wedding of your dreams — all by yourself!


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