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8 Ways To Look 10 Times Better In Suits

8 Ways To Look 10 Times Better In Suits

There are a little too many suit shops in Brisbane and a little too many suit styles and designs that it may be overwhelming every time you think of

May 28th, 2021

There are a little too many suit shops in Brisbane and a little too many suit styles and designs that it may be overwhelming every time you think of getting a suit for that upcoming wedding or graduation party. Well, the truth is, it really isn’t where you got your suit. It is about how you dress them.

People wear suits all the time. So, they don’t really make a difference; they don’t look unique in any way. But if you want to make a difference and stand out from the crowd, here are 10 tips that will get you noticed;

  1. The Shirt

The shirt makes all the difference. Most people are used to a plain white or sky blue shirt. You don’t have to be ‘most people’. Don’t be scared to add print and pattern to your suit. Make sure you choose an interesting pattern. Also, colored shirts are always the best option. You also want to think about the weave and wear the shirt the right way (tuck in your shirt).

  1. Dress for the Occasion

You don’t want to look like you are in the office if you are in a party, or other less formal occasions. Formal events are more limited and you might be, for example, restricted to only solid-colored white shirts and minimal accessories. This might be different if you are dressing for a birthday party.

  1. Add Accessories

Accessories don’t always mean you go in with gold chains. A nice watch to compliment your suit is just great. This represents style and taste. You might think ‘that’s usual; everybody wears watches’, right? Well maybe. But there are other accessories that not everybody wears;

How about a bright and bold tie? This is the topmost noticeable accessory you can match with your suit. You can also go for cufflinks, a pocket square, a lapel pin, or even suspenders and a stylish pocket watch to match. Make sure to match your style and personality, as well as the occasion. Also, don’t go overboard. Just keep it cool.

  1. Your Shoes

Your shoes are also the most recognizable part of your dressing, whether you are in a suit or just casual. So it always pays off to put enough thoughts into what shoes you are going to wear with what suit. There is a reason why there are different styles of suits and different types of shoes. Match them accordingly.

  1. Wear the Right Size

It is easy for your tailor to miss some measurements, or for you to get slightly big or slightly tight suits. Well, it doesn’t matter how slight the difference is. It still would have an effect on your final look. And the effect is not at all positive. Make sure to always wear the right size.

  1. The Socks

Whether you look at your socks as an accessory or a requirement, it is always important to put enough thoughts into it as well. If your trousers are going to land on ankle level, or slightly above, your socks should play the role down there; because guess where the eyes land after the shoes, socks.

  1. Your Scent

If you never thought about it before, now you should. Scents are an important statement to any type of dressing. Even if you don’t look exceptional, if your scent does then you definitely will stand out. Invest in an interesting men’s perfume and wear it to match your suits.

  1. Be Well-Groomed

Grooming includes just about everything as far as hygiene and looking neat is concerned. Make sure to groom your hair. And this goes for every hair you have including nose, ears, eyebrows, and of course beards. Don’t get it wrong, you don’t need to shave everything clean. Just be aware of everything. A nice cut goes a long way in making your entire dressing appear stunning and completing the look.



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