The latest bathroom trend is to add a walk in shower to your bathroom with there being many great options for you to choose from if you are looking to add this feature to your home. A shower you can walk into is easier for elderly people to access while also being great for those with limited mobility, making a walk in shower a great option for everyone. These fantastic showers come with a luxury finish so you will create an amazing centrepiece for your bathroom. The latest walk in shower enclosures cover a stunning range of designs so there will be the perfect option to fit every bathroom.

Walk in Showers Without Doors

For the ultimate luxury shower you will find that a popular option is to install a shower without any doors. Often this type of shower may be a wet room style shower making it a very attractive design to everyone who visits your house. Along with giving your bathroom a high quality feel there are also some practical advantages to have a door less shower. Firstly, a walk in shower is the easiest type of shower for people with disabilities to access, as there is no door to manoeuvre around. This will also be a great selling feature for your bathroom if you are looking to move house. These great walk in showers without doors are also easier to maintain as there are less or no screens for you to clean. This will leave your bathroom feeling spotlessly clean with minimal effort. There really are no disadvantages to these lovely door less showers.

New Walk in Showers

Walk in showers are quickly gaining popularity and are now a sought after feature in many bathrooms. This means that there are a large range of great walk in showers for you to choose from. The newer walk in showers offer unique shower tray sizes and shapes, so are perfect for adding to any unusual shaped rooms. Alternatively, you could consider a wet room style shower which will complement any space you have available for a shower.

There are also many new designs of shower screens for you to choose from and even options for not including a screen. The use of a partial screen and no door is a new trend that is becoming increasingly popular as it is easy to access this type of shower and also looks great. If you still prefer the complete shower screen option then there are some great designs for you to choose from which will make the perfect shower feature and give you additional showering privacy.

Walk in Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Just because you have a small bathroom does not mean that you cannot have the luxury shower of your dreams, though you will need to plan your new design carefully and make use of all of the available space in your bathroom. Sometimes to fit a great walk in shower into your bathroom you will need to remove the bath tub, though by doing this you will usually find that you can actually comfortably fit a large shower into the space left behind.

If you are looking to add a shower into a small ensuite or cloakroom then by making the use of any corners or unusual shaped areas you will often find a suitable area where you can create a stunning and fully functional shower. Sometimes you may need to use parts of the room that may have sloping ceilings or even a forgotten corner but by carefully considering the shower décor you can easily create a fantastic showering space.

Luxury Walk in Showers

All walk in showers will make a statement with their stunning size and appealing features but with careful consideration there are brilliant additional extras that can be added to your shower to give it extra class. Have you considered a ceiling mounted shower head or even water jet which is quickly gaining in popularity? The difference in showering quality that these showers heads can provide is truly amazing.

Alternatively, the size and shape of your shower can definitely add to the luxury experience with long rectangular shower trays or wet rooms providing a larger space to shower in. By also considering the type of shower screen used along with the colour scheme of the tiles in the shower you can really create a light and special shower space.

Large Walk in Showers

A walk in shower that provides sufficient space to shower in is the latest sought after bathroom trend. These showers are often used to replace the standard bath so they are perfect for modernising a tired and out dated bathroom. By using the entire width of the bathroom or even a corner of a unique shaped bathroom can enable the design of a large showering space that is customised for you.

These large walk in showers can be created as a wet room style shower with either a small screen or a wall to partition the room. Otherwise, they can be designed as a large shower enclosure using top quality screens to ensure that the room stays bright. The most important aspect of a large walk in shower is that they are accessible and easy to use.

Cheap Design Option

While walk in showers are usually more expensive than standard shower cubicles or even a shower over the bath there are ways you can complete this project on a budget. When designing a cheap walk in shower you could use a standard sized shower tray so there is no need to purchase any items that will need to be customised to your shower size. Using a shower tray can work out cheaper than designing a wet room as the floor of the wet room will need to be tiled and maintained to keep the area waterproof.

By choosing a walk in shower that is a smaller size will also reduce your tiling costs as there will be a smaller area to decorate. Alternatively, if you already have an area of the bathroom that is fully tiled and suitable to be used then you can use this area to save you any decorating costs.

Stone Walk-in Design

The use of stone in bathrooms is becoming increasingly popular as it creates a fantastic effect and provides the room with a quality feel. Stone is also very practical for bathrooms as it is durable and long lasting, as well as being easy to keep clean. For walk in showers the use of stone tiles on either the floor, wall or both is a great option if you are looking for a top quality finish. There are some great contrasting tiles that you can combine with these stone tiles to create a light finish and a unique customised showering space. Any visitors will be impressed by the effect that your stone tiles have in your stunning bathroom.

Tiled Walk in Showers

Walk in showers will only require the walls to be tiled if they use a shower tray but if they are a wet room style shower then both the walls and floor will need be tiled. So which ever type of walk in shower that you choose there will be the opportunity for you to create a fantastic feature with the tiles that you pick. You may decide to tile the walls and floors with the same tile but you could also consider using two different patterns to make the most of the area to be tiled.

A tiled shower can be the perfect excuse to make a statement in your bathroom so you may wish to use contrasting patterned tiles or even coloured tiles to create the perfect feature wall. Alternatively, the use of lighter tiles can be the perfect solution for making a small or dark room lighter. Whichever tiles that you choose you will be able to design the perfect showering space for your bathroom that you will enjoy for a long time.

Custom Design

A great reason for choosing a walk in shower is that they can be customised for every bathroom. No matter what size or shape you require there is usually a solution that will allow you to create the perfect shower for your bathroom. When customising a walk in shower you need to decide what features you prefer, from the type of shower head through to which shower screens you want to use. This is the perfect opportunity to add in any requirements you may have for your requirements you may have for your new walk in shower, you may check (h/t Fast Partitions) for options especially if you need a shower that is easy to access or one that allows a certain amount of space. Whatever design you choose for your new walk in shower you are sure to create a wonderful bathroom feature that you will love using.


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