Buying a carpet is one of those things that many of us will only do once or twice in our lives. The world of carpets appears at first to be needlessly esoteric and awkward to navigate.

However, the reward is an incredible feeling underfoot when walking barefoot across a brand-new carpet Here is a brief guide to what you need to know when you are looking at buying your very first carpet.

Different Types of Carpet

The first choice you will have to make is the type of carpet that you will buy. For first time buyers who have no reference point, you will need to check out each type in your local store and decide which you prefer. Alternatively, you can look for places to buy carpets online where you can take a peek at potential designs and styles.

Loop pile carpet, unsurprisingly, consists of small loops of fibre. This creates a springy surface which will be able to withstand significant and prolonged wear and tear. This type of carpet is best avoided with pets as they can snag their claws in the loops and either damage the carpet or hurt themselves.

The most popular type of carpet is, without a doubt, the twist pile. Twist pile carpet employs twisted fibres; it is a durable and versatile type of carpet.

If you are after something softer and thicker, then consider Saxony carpets. While they are a little bit more difficult to clean than other types of carpet, and they aren’t the most durable option, they work very well in a bedroom or living room.

Where to put Your Carpet

You can put carpet in any room that you desire, although different styles will be best suited to different rooms and environments. There are some rooms, such as the bathroom, where high levels of ambient moisture mean that you probably want to avoid carpeting them. For bathrooms, vinyl is a potential alternative to carpeting.

Carpets which are going to see the most footfall need to be the most durable, you want the ones that you place in entranceways and corridors to be the most durable, while in bedrooms you can probably get away with something less durable and more comfortable.

Cleaning Your Carpet

It is all but inevitable that sooner or later something will be spilled on your carpet. When that does happen, you will want to know what the best way of cleaning it is. However, you will find that whenever you ask this question, you are met with a multitude of different answers.

The most effective way of cleaning carpets is to use the specially designed powders and shampoos that are on the market. In cases where your carpet is a real mess and these off-the-shelf solutions aren’t helping, you might need to turn to a professional carpet cleaning company.

Buying a carpet is a bit of a minefield when you first look into it. You need to familiarise yourself with a whole host of new terms and work out which type of material is best suited for which area of your home.


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