• Are you someone looking to buy a new pair of swimwear but are confused about how you should proceed?
  • Do you know some rules that you need to follow when buying a new swimsuit for the summer or pool season?
  • Have you tried to follow online guides for buying swimwear only to be left confused and overwhelmed?

Nearly all of us look forward to the summer season with much excitement. We know it heralds long hours spent on the beach, pool parties and endless barbecues.

Most of us know that summers are all about buying swimsuits that can help us enjoy ourselves comfortably and stay relaxed.

Even though the process of buying a new piece of swimwear looks straightforward, numerous challenges need to be overcome.

In this beginner’s guide to buying swimwear, we discuss some of the golden rules you need to follow. Additionally, we shed light on some mistakes you need to avoid when buying womens swimwear.

List of 5 Golden Rules to Follow when Buying Swimwear

  1. If it does not fit, move on-

As compared to any other piece of clothing that you can compromise when it comes to fit, the swimsuit is a lot less forgiving. Experts recommend that unless the fit is perfect, you should not buy it. This means that the fit of the swimsuit should be the number one priority for you. Look for sizing guides, model details, and checking with an inch tape if you are buying online.

  1. Pay attention to the ‘Support’-

You cannot wear a bra under the swimsuit! This is why if you are someone with heavier bust size, you need to buy swimwear that is supportive of your lady parts. Many brands offer a band at the bottom part of the swimsuit to offer additional support. Additionally, you can go with swimsuits that have an underwire or a criss-cross back section.

  1. You cannot go wrong with a One-Piece-

If you want a no-fuss approach to not going wrong when buying swimwear, trust the eternal one-piece style and design. There are so many different options, styles, and fits out there when you consider the one-piece. In fact, no matter what kind of body type you have, you can go with a one-piece option. One-piece swimsuits are always in fashion and are the safest option.

  1. Choose the Right Platforms and Brands to buy from-

If you want to improve your chances of success when it comes to buying swimsuits, go for reputed and credible brands. You can do online research and find out what experts prefer more. Additionally, you can also go to a brand’s social media pages and see the kinds of comments that customers are putting. Going with a good brand is half the work done in terms of swimsuits.

  1. Wear swimsuits according to the occasion and company-

At the end of the day, reveal more than they cover. In other words, a swimsuit design that can be perfect for a couple’s getaway might not be the best option for a family pool party. Make sure that you are going with options that respect the sensibilities of others around you. Some beaches and pools the world over have defined swimsuit etiquettes for travelers.

Following the above-mentioned rules can go a long way in improving your experience of buying swimwear. In the following section, we are going to discuss some major mistakes you need to avoid when buying swimwear.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Swimwear

  1. Not trying the swimsuit in advance– If you think that the first time you will wear the swimsuit will be the beach, think again. Experts point out that women should not make the mistake of not trying out the swimsuit before. You always need to wear the swimsuit and stand under the shower to see how it reacts with water. There might be areas and challenges you will be surprised to find.
  2. Going with a one-free-size option- This is probably the biggest scam to have ever hit the swimsuit industry. There is no such thing as one-free-size when it comes to swimsuits. Given how fit and size are the most important determining factors, it is best that you stay away from brands that advertise and sell such products. You want actual sizing guides, body-type information, and more when buying a swimsuit.
  3. Ruling out online shopping for swimsuits– A lot of women prefer to buy swimsuits physically. However, that does not mean that you would completely rule out online shopping. All you need to do is look for platforms that have a no-nonsense return policy and browse the styles. In some instances, you will be amazed to find the variety, pricing, and importantly, the exact size you want. Make sure to shop online with credible brands.
  4. Believing every brand has the same size in swimsuits- Just like a jeans size in Zara is different from the one in H&M, so too are swimsuits. This is why most women end up making the mistake of buying an ‘M’ size from too different brands thinking them to be the same. Make sure that you try on the size, even if it is the same. You will be surprised to find how brands have their own sizing guides for the various dimensions.
  5. Don’t forget to check the label and see the quality- According to experts, a good swimsuit has a high percentage of lycra in its construction. This helps keep the fit of the swimsuit and allows it to stay and hug your body at the right places where you need support. You also need to check for mesh linings, under-wires, built-in cup support, hooks, and fasteners. Do not make the mistake of overlooking any of them.

Eliminating these mistakes when buying swimwear will ensure that your experience is a pleasant one.

The Bottom Line

Wearing a swimsuit is being confident in your skin. If you are not, it will show and give the impression that you are uncomfortable. Buying a swimsuit that suits you is not an easy process, so you should not rush it. You need to be careful in your selection and evaluate the different parameters before buying one.

If you want to have a memorable summer, make sure you follow all the pointers mentioned in the article. If you have any other questions, you would like us to address, feel free to share them in the comments below. We will try our best to address every single swimwear concern of yours.


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