For anyone with long hair, it can be somewhat of a challenge to find a hairstyle that is not only easy to do but that looks good also. After all, no one wants to wear their hair down every single day. Whilst ponytails do look good and are easy to do, after a while you can get bored of having one and feel like it is time to try something else.

This is where hair sticks come in useful as they allow you to quickly and easily create beautiful styles with your long hair.

What are hair sticks?

The name kind of gives it away. Hair sticks are a thin but strong piece of material that are used by people with long hair to create different hairstyles and hold their hair into place in a certain position. Although they vary in size, hair sticks usually measure around 20 cm (8 inches) in length or shorter.

Although most people with long hair tend to use bobby pins and hair bobbles in order to get the desired outcome with their hair that they want, doing it with hair sticks creates a much better effect – that is once you know how to use them of course.

How to use hair sticks

When wearing your hair in a bun with a hair stick, you need to first get all of your hair into your less dominant hand and hold it in place with your index finger and thumb. Using your dominant hand, grab the hair from below and flip the hair over your less dominant hand. Ensure that the hair goes all the way round so that it is completely wrapped around your less dominant hand. Continue to wrap your hair around the base of it, until you reach the point that there is no more hair to wrap.

At this point, you should take your hand out of the loop of hair and pull the loop right over the knot of hair that is in the middle. Using a hair stick, direct it through the middle and over the loop. Your hair can be taken up from your scalp. However, if you do not want to tug away at your roots then you do not have to do it like this.

If your hair is not quite long enough for this type of bun, then try it with a smaller loop instead. Rather than wrapping the hair around your less dominant hand, do it around a couple of your fingers instead. Doing it this way creates a smaller loopr and so requires much less hair.

Types of hair sticks

There are various types of hair sticks currently available for purchase on the market. The ones that you use pretty comes down to your own personal preference on what you like the look of. Some of the most common types include Japanese hair sticks, Asian hair sticks, wooden hair sticks, Korean hair sticks, metal hair sticks, and plastic hair sticks. Similar to these are hair forks.

Why you should use hair sticks

The types of hair styles that you are able to create by using hair sticks are much more gentle on your hair than what many traditional hair styles are, such as ponytails. This is because using hair sticks allows you to distribute the hair more evenly, whilst also putting very little friction on the hair. This results in much less breakage – showing just how good they are for your hair.

With hair sticks you are able to quickly and fairly easily create really good looking hair styles that mean you can get ready in an instant. Simply put in the hair sticks, create a hair style, and off you go.

Because hair sticks are better at distributing the weight of your hair right across all parts of your head, it stops the roots of your hair being subject to too much tugging and pulling, which is effective in not only stopping your hair from falling out but also in preventing you from experiencing headaches. This is good news for anyone that suffers with headaches from wearing their hair up as these can be very painful and last for a long time.

Thanks to using hair sticks, you will never experience a bad hair day again for as long as you live. This is because with them you can quickly and easily create a hair style for any occasion. So the next time that you wake up in the morning and your hair is all over the place and you do not know where to even start with taming it, simply reach for some hair sticks and create a beautiful hair style.

You are able to create all of these wonderful hair styles even if you have not yet managed to purchase hair sticks from, this is because lots of things that you are able to find around your house can actually be used for this purpose. Practically any object that is both long and thin, such as a pencil or a pen, can double up as a hair stick. This means that even when you are somewhere that has no hair sticks, you are still able to create a beautiful hair style with a bit of improvisation.

By using hair sticks, you are able to create beautiful looking hair styles with actually very little effort and all within the space of just a few minutes. However, the finished article will look like something that took your hours to create. This is true no matter how long or short (they do not work on a buzz cut) your hair is. Of course though, the longer that your hair is, the more different types of hair styles that you are able to create with hair sticks. Because they are universal, you only need one set of hair sticks to last you the entire time that your hair grows out, meaning that they are economical and also more environmentally friendly as you do not have to get rid of them at any point.


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