A Cup of Coffee Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

The coffee, which is obtained from the roasted and ground seeds of a plant that receives the same name, "is rich in polyphenols - which are antioxidants - and small [...]

The coffee, which is obtained from the roasted and ground seeds of a plant that receives the same name, “is rich in polyphenols – which are antioxidants – and small amounts of some minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, selenium and magnesium, some vitamins of the Group B (pantothenic acid and folic acid) and some vitamin K “. But its main component, responsible for this beverage is a recognized stimulant, caffeine. But the substance is not only known to help you stay alert, but it is also credited with the ability to help you lose weight.

Coffee also has its positive side. First, we see the increase in popularity of bulletproof coffee, which is good for business and entrepreneurship. And, secondly, it is an antioxidant.

There are those who can not stand its bitter and toasted flavor, but also those who say that if they do not take one when they wake up, “they are not people.” Those who take it alone, the American way or with a little milk. Those who prefer the convenience of the capsules and those who choose to prepare it more traditionally, with an Italian coffee maker. Those who sweeten it with sugar and those who prefer sweeteners. The range of possibilities for coffee is wide, and the drink has more and more followers, according to the data managed by the non-profit organization Fórum del Café.

However, beyond our tastes, do we know how this drink affects our body? 

There are many ways to lose fat more efficiently, but the truth is it all narrows down to one element: reduce the number of calories you intake-especially from sugars and saturated fats and increase the burning of them through physical exercise. That said, some people say that coffee helps lose weight thanks to thermogenesis, but what exactly do they mean? So, what is the truth?

Coffee helps burn fat faster, and this is a proven fact. This happens because it accelerates an internal process of your body called thermogenesis, which is neither more nor less than the number of calories your metabolism needs to function and break down nutrients into nutrients. Have you ever tried the best coffee services from  https://www.corpcofe.com/coffee/.

Does all coffee serve to activate this process?

Go ahead and say that miracle diets do not exist: losing weight with the diet of coffee can become a scam since the intake of caffeine does not serve alone to lose weight. A balanced diet and exercise must accompany it.

Also, not all coffee serves to accelerate thermogenesis and cause other foods to consume more calories to be processed. It only works with coffee alone, without milk or – ofcourse – sugar. In any case, you can add some caloric sweetener, but nothing more. Also, if you want to buy a good coffee maker, you can check out this Source.

A study on the effects of thermogenesis clarifies how much you can burn by drinking caffeine and figure the increase in metabolic consumption. Specifically, it mentions two figures, or preferably two ranges of numbers:

Individuals at their ideal weight: 1.3-7.6%

Overweight individuals: 2-5%

How much caffeine should we drink in a day?

Okay, so the sad truth is ( well, it isn’t a fairytale and coffee is not a magic potion that can shed all your weight quickly, so this shouldn’t be a surprise) that coffee only helps in the process of losing weight. The keyword to focus on here is help. It is not the only thing you need to be doing. It increases your metabolism, but it isn’t a magic tool for instant weight loss. So make sure to follow other steps in a proper diet as well. A useful tip would be to exercise a little every day.

Make sure your intake does not exceed four cups of coffee a day, as that might prove unnecessary in regards to taking care of your health.

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