Our writer, Rachel McAlley recently visited the famous elderflower plantation fields at Belvoir Farm in Leicestershire to find out all about the brand.

The first thing we should note is that we’ve all been saying Belvoir incorrectly for years! This includes our writer Rachel, who always says Belvoir, when it’s actually pronounced Beaver, who knew!

The land around Belvoir Farm was a gift from William the Conqueror. In the 11th Century French was spoken around England’s courts, and the French word Belvoir translates as Beautiful View. This all makes sense as Belvoir sits in the Vale of Belvoir. Located under the site of Belvoir Castle where William the Conqueror once lived hundreds of years ago.

Belvoir Farm is a working farm in UK, owned by the Manners family. The elderflower season is a short one, just 6 weeks between the end of spring and the beginning of summer. However, this is when the farm comes to life. People from all around the region including locals, villagers, students, and families visit the 60 acres of organic elderflower plantations to help harvest the flowers.

Every person that harvests the elderflowers receives payment by the weight of their bags. Some visitors make enough money for a family holiday four people; others make money for Christmas gifts. Whatever their reason it’s a great way to get the local community together to pick elderflowers for Belvoir Farm. Moreover, it’s an added bonus that they get paid for doing so.

Elderflower Harvest

The team at Belvoir Farm sort through the elderflowers before they reach the local factory where they are made into elderflower cordial. Furthermore, they also make around 40 other cordials and sparkling drinks at Belvoir Farm.

Firstly, at Belvoir Farm headquarters they have a production kitchen where they test new potential flavours, construct exciting sparkling drinks, and create fruity and floral cordials. Secondly, they use fresh ingredients in each drink that they produce. Thirdly, their famous Elderflower Cordial has just six ingredients in every bottle.

What’s more, it was a great experience for our writer Rachel to see how Belvoir Farm drinks are produced from field to bottle in just a matter of days.

For more information about Belvoir Farm and for the full list of drinks that they produce visit the website to find out more – Belvoir Farm.

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