A Girl’s Must Have Handbag Essentials…

Let’s be real here, you will fall into either one of these two categories – The girl who carries the minimum amount of items in her bag, or the other who carries a suitcase of cosmetics. Here at House of Coco, we tend to carry everything for that ‘just-in-case’ moment, but have managed to keep things to bare essentials. Here is the low down.


1. Hand Sanitizer

A quick and easy one for you, the almighty hand sanitizer. This little product helps kill the majority of germs you will undoubtedly come in contact with. Whether it is from grabbing a basket at your local supermarket, placing your hand on the escalator rail, or pushing a button in the lift, you will come in contact with germs that you may not want to catch. So load up on the gel and get cleansing!

2. Safety Pins or Sewing Kit

Yes, we may not all be a seamstress, but have you counted the times your button popped off your blouse making it a seemingly wise choice to buy a new top? Or how about when your skirt/dress tears and does not hold in place? Have this fail safe back up plan can really make your day run smoothly. Trust us. We would know.


3. Hair Items

Do not overlook this small matter. Sometimes carrying a few extra bobby bins and a quick bobble can save a disastrous bad hair day caught by the wind, or simply a change of mind.

4. Notebook and Pen

It comes in handy when your phone has run out of battery and you either need directions or have an emergency.  It can also act as your best friend when detailing all those little moments you may have missed and wish to record. You never know, you could make or break those moments when you stumble across a famous person and finally have pen and paper to sign with!


5. Cash (£20)

Having constant money in your bag may be tempting you into an unplanned shopping trip or takeaway evenings… But this little tip gets you far if your debit card has stopped working, there are no ATM machines and your wallet’s been stolen. It can also catch you a ride back home in a taxi if you need one.

6. Compact Mirror

Bare this in mind next time you want to check your teeth, makeup and hair. Don’t wait for the next time you go to the toilet, or ask a stranger, come equipped with one in your bag! Not to mention, most cosmetic products with pressed powder are designed with mirrors nowadays.

Disney Jasmine Collection by Sephora for Spring 2013 9

7. Breath Mints

An easy miss when you are rushing out of the door, but a life saviour when you have them on you. Save any embarrassment next time you speak to someone and carry mints or gums in your bag.


8. Snack

Some days you don’t know where you will end up. A surprise launch party, a traffic jam or unexpected shopping frenzy. Bring along a healthy snack like a granola bar, trail or a power bar to keep your hunger cravings at bay.

9. Lipstick or Lipgloss

You will most likely reapply your lipstick or lipgloss throughout the day so this is a no brainer. But remember, you can transform your day look to an evening one with a sweeping of red lipstick. Drama in seconds. Perfect.

10. Hand or Body Lotion

When you have dry areas on your face, knees or elbows try massaging lotion into them to combat it. Lip balm can also be used for this, but it tends to leave a tinted or shiny residue on top. Having this baby on hand will mean silky smooth skin all day long!


11.  Plasters

For minor accidents to wearing in heels, anyone who has experienced slight discomfort or is particularly clumsy will have these in their bag already.

12. Pack of Tissues

Times when you have spilt your drink, had a cold or had a good cry at the cinema, this one is for you. Keep these handy to maintain your cleanliness and appearance for the day. A clear must have for those unpredictable moments.

13. Body Spray or Roll-On Perfume

When you feel like freshening up, having a bottle of your favourite perfume is a clear winner. If you like to keep the scent through out the day apply it sparingly with a few drops to your wrists and neck. It is a small, convenient size to keep you smelling great and feeling refreshed whenever you need a quick pick me up.


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