Houses serve not just as shelters but a resting place when we come back in the evening from the toils of earth. It, therefore, needs to be your haven of peace and promote ultimate relaxation. For a healthier home, a lot of products have been recommended with the belief that they do add some value to those that buy them. A light therapy alarm clock is perceived to brighten your mood and also wake you up gently. Weighted blankets, on the other hand, make you fall asleep much faster and also improve the quality of your sleep. One more product that could add life to your house today is the Salt Rock Lamp. Find out below why this invention is a must-have for your bedroom.

What Is A Salt Rock Lamp?

Salt rock lamps are almost considered therapy assets by most people that have bought them today. Having been made of salt, these lamps provide both lighting and other monumental services in the room for instance air purification. Most people have also attested to sleep improvement after purchasing this great product. These salt rock lamps can be availed in a wide scope of colors for you to choose from depending on your style, mood, and preferences. These lamps are also made in different sizes depending on the level of ionization the buyer needs in their houses.


Salt rock lamps produce negative charges that neutralize dust and other positive ions in the atmosphere. The salt will interact with the macromolecules of moisture in the air together with the heat produced by the light. The result is the production of chloride ions and sodium ions which are the bearers of the negative charge. The size of the lamp, therefore, decides its ionization rate. These negative ions make the air pure by ridding it of dust and positive charges that may cause allergies to different people. With it, you enjoy clean and purified air.


Salt rock lamps help with relaxation after a long day’s work. These lamps are made special to emit soothing light that helps those in the room feel calm and relaxed. It is therefore very instrumental as confirmed by different health experts. It can be used as a therapy process for controlling energy levels, the mental state and moods of those in the room

You probably prefer an air conditioner but have you thought about the beauty of air purification at a much lower cost. That is what these salt rock lamps do to your room when turned on. After the above ionization process, your room becomes more purified from the negative ions that the lamp produces as it gives more light. It presents a much cheaper option to enjoy clean air without troubling you with high energy bills at the end of every month. Since the size of the room determines the size of the lamp, below are a few recommendations one could adhere to as they do their salt rock shopping.

  1. 5 lbs lamp for 10 x 10 sq. ft room
  2. 10 lbs lamp for 12 x 12 sq. ft room
  3. 13 lbs lamp for 14 x 14 sq. ft room
  4. 45 lbs for 14 x 14 sq. ft room

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