Getting a property ready for your tenants to live in can take some time, but this, of course, depends on the state that your property is in. However, even with a property that has been well looked after, you’ll want to run a few checks to ensure everything is safe for your new tenants. As a landlord, you have a duty to ensure your tenants are happy with their home and that the place is well taken care of. This includes ensuring that the property is structurally sound and that it can pass required safety checks. You’ll also have to figure out whether you’ll be furnishing the property and which items you will need to purchase if so.

Make General Repairs
Over time, every property will experience damage through wear and tear, carelessness of past residents, or just simple degradation of materials. At the end of the day, even some of the best building materials don’t last forever and will eventually need to be repaired, fortified, or replaced. You can also click here for the right materials and services for your project needs. This is more common when those materials are exposed to the elements. There are differing repair responsibilities of landlords and tenants, but more often than not, as a landlord, you’re going to be responsible for a majority of the repairs that your property will need. These general repairs range from repairing the property’s exterior to things like baths, sinks, and pipework.

Ensure The Place Is Safe
As well as making repairs and getting the property looking nice for tenants, you’re also going to have to consider the many safety aspects of a property. It’s important to remember that this requires expert assistance to ensure that everything is up to standard. This includes everything from the electrics to the water supply and heating, to name a few. You should look at hiring yourself an East London electrician from Trade Facilities Services. They can then check your property for any potential safety hazards related to your property’s electrical system. They’ll also be able to test your appliances and the appliances of your tenants to ensure they are safe to use, keeping both your tenants safe and your property.

Work With The Best Agents
Managing a property isn’t as simple as you might first think, and it’s not uncommon for tenants to have bad experiences with uncaring landlords. You should remember that it is a privilege to own a second property that you are able to rent out to others. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to drop everything in your life just to provide 24/7 support to your tenants, but you should ensure that they are able to get any issues sorted as soon as possible. If you aren’t able to provide this regular support yourself, then letting an agency manage the property is a good idea.

Decide On Furnishings
First, this is only necessary if you’ve decided not to rent out an unfurnished property. However, it’s worth noting that just because a property is advertised as unfurnished, this doesn’t mean it is entirely empty. You’ll still need to ensure that the property has all of the necessary fixtures and fittings inside for your tenants to survive comfortably. This means a fridge, freezer, oven, sink, and washing machine, if possible, are all necessary. Then if you decide that the property is furnished, you’ll have to add things like sofas, tables, beds, and even a TV if it’s fully furnished.


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