A Lifetime of Glamour – Meet Daphne Selfe Britain’s Oldest Supermodel

Meet Dapne Selfe, an 86 year old Grandmother of four who is still a catwalk queen and continues to be the face of many fashion campaigns.Oldest Model

Daphne has graced the pages of Vanity Fair, Vogue and Harpers Bazaar and last year she was unveiled as the face of the Dare To Wear autumn fashion campaign at the intu Trafford Centre in Manchester.

Although her modelling career began in 1950, her big break only came 10 years ago when edgy label Red or Dead asked her to do a catwalk show.

Daphne says; “I’ve always eaten sensibly and I don’t think that does anybody any harm. And I make the best of everything – be curious, be positive, and have a healthy lifestyle. I was lucky to exercise a lot when I was young. I’ve done dancing, and all sorts of things like that – which I think helps, when you get older.”

“Age happens to us all, no one’s immune, and I would never buy an expensive face cream, let alone consider surgery. I’ve always believed that my face tells the story of my life – why would I want to change it?” Although, she admits that at 86 years old she can’t live without mascara!

Daphne Selfe is Britain’s oldest supermodel and a living example that glamour and fashion does not have to have a ‘best before’ date – she is an iconic figure for a generation who do not want to (and should not want to) simply fade quietly into the blandness of old age.






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