As the CBD industry continues to expand, more and more companies will venture into the market, and that means more options for customers. However, although it is excellent to have more options, it opens doors for people with questionable products. The good news is, there are established regulations o regulate and monitor the claims made by brands that deal with CBD. Check out for your ultimate guide to CBD. You also need to pay attention to the following tips to ensure that you purchase the best product.

The Extraction Process

The CBD industry is young, and so there are no regulations for the extraction of the products. Different companies employ their methods for converting hemp into CBD oil. As they say cheap is expensive, companies that sell their products at low prices may choose to use more economical methods that require the use of harmful substances like propane to save on costs.

Before purchasing CBD, make sure you go through the company’s website and check health product site licensing. Consult a customer service representative to get information on the production of the product. It is better to use a product processed through supercritical carbon (IV) oxide extraction or ethanol because it maintains the purity of CBD oil.

Examine Testing Reports

Before you consume anything, make sure you eliminate any doubts, therefore, uncover everything that is in the CBD product before using it. Since there are no specific guidelines for CBD products, it is essential to go through testing reports from a third party to guarantee the authenticity of the product. A neutral party offers facts to aid your decision making; it gives you information on its ingredients, side effects and also functionality.

During extraction, foreign chemicals may slip into the final product, and that interferes with the quality of the product. If a company does not offer data of tests done on the final product, it should be cause for alarm.Such a company may not value you as a customer; hence they might not care much about your safety.

Organic Vs. Inorganic

When examining whether or not the CBD product you want to use is organic or inorganic, you should check the extraction and processing methods. For a CBD oil to qualify as natural, it is must be grown naturally with pure seeds from american seed banks and processed without adding any synthetic additives

Nordic Oil, a prominent CBD oil manufacturer, indicates that natural CBD should be free of chemical toxins, fertilizers, and pesticides hence making it clean. You can find organic CBD from Nordic Oil. If you prefer the flavoured CBD- based products, go for one with natural additives such as essential oil and avoid those with allergens and gluten.

Consider the Source of the Hemp

The source of the hemp significantly contributes to the quality of the CBD product. As a hyper-accumulative plant, it absorbs everything found on the ground as it grows, so cultivating it in fertile soil, leads to the production of high-quality products. Make sure your CBD products originate from plants grown in fertile and toxin-free soils by checking the information on the manufacturer’s website.

Like any other product, you must conduct comprehensive research to make sure that you consume a product that is safe for your body.


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