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disposable vapes

A Retailers Guide to Disposable Vapes

If you’re not stocking disposable vapes, you should definitely have a good reason to have made that decision.

If you’re not stocking disposable vapes, you should definitely have a good reason to have made that decision. It’s a growing market that’s incredibly easy to tap into, with high-profit margins and broad target audiences. If you haven’t made the jump yet because you have concerns about how to get started, then you’re in the right place – read on for our brief yet informative retailers’ guide on disposable vapes.

Consider your target audience

One of the main things to mention about disposable vapes is the breadth of the market you can aim for. There’s not really any demographic that doesn’t use disposable vapes, and as time goes on, it’s likely that uptake will only increase.

That being said, it’s important that you consider the target audience that you’ll be selling to. There are plenty of different brands to choose between, coming in at different price points and offering different aesthetics.

Identify a suitable supplier

Finding the right vape supplier will have a significant impact on your success. You need to look for an option like Wholesale Disposable Vapes, that stocks a broad range of high-quality, regulatorily-compliant options at low prices. Once you’ve identified a supplier, it’s worth building a professional relationship with them – there are plenty of dodgy options out there, and it’s important to hold on to the good ones. 

Start broad

When you begin selling vapes, it’s worth starting broad. While you can try to predict what will sell well to your target audience, it’s impossible to get that prediction just right. Start with a broad range of brands, aesthetics and flavours, and then take it from there.

In not too long at all, you should start to gain some kind of insight into what sells and what doesn’t. With such a relatively low investment, it won’t cost you much at all to experiment in this way. 

Understanding your options

It’s also important that you understand the different options you can choose to stock.


The main difference between the different disposable vaping brands is the style of the device itself. Depending on the kinds of people that use your shop, you might want to stock a range of different brands, at a range of different price points.


There are an almost overwhelmingly large number of flavours out there, and you definitely won’t be able to stock all of them. We recommend going with a range that hits all the main points – some fruity, some sweet, and some more classic options like mint and tobacco.

Nicotine intensity

Users can also choose what nicotine intensity they want to go with. 20 mg/ml is the highest concentration you can legally sell in the UK – you’ll likely want to stock some options lower than that, and maybe even include some options without nicotine in them at all.

Moving into the vaping market as a retailer really isn’t that hard. Once you’ve identified a good wholesale supplier, you just need to stock up with a few different options and see what sells – it really is as simple as that.