Our girl Hannah Tan-Gillies, Pho-connoisseur, and Vietnamese food super fan, sampled PHOMO, London’s most authentic Vietnamese meal kit.

Growing up in an Asian household, food was everything. Food brought people together, food was the source of pride and joy, and sometimes even the occasional loving bickering too.

So, when given the opportunity to try PHOMO, a solo venture, born out of lockdown, by female entrepreneur Daniya Stewart, I jumped at the chance.

Daniya spent 16 years working in London and fell in love with Phở Bo Tái, a classic Vietnamese noodle dish with aromatic bone broth and rice noodles. During lockdown, she couldn’t gain access to her favourite noodle dish, and from that the idea for PHOMO was born.

Eating a PHO in a MO, in the comfort of your own home — genius. Her mission is that you shouldn’t have to live in a big city to eat wonderfully diverse and delicious food – and we couldn’t agree more.

Now to the Pho. PHOMO’s Pho Kits are freshly made with premium ingredients and can be prepared as quickly as ten minutes. We had the beef pho and the prawn pho for two. The kits are delivered every Friday and arrive in a tightly sealed cool box, maintaining its freshness.

The Beef Pho Broth is the undeniable star of the show and offers all the complex aromas and flavours of a traditional Pho broth. PHOMO’s version was brewed for eight hours and is the perfect base for the gluten-free rice noodles. The Beef Pho kit also comes with 28-day rare grass fed dry-aged steak, which is both tender and flavourful.

The Shrimp Pho Kit or Phở tôm could be made with the chicken pho broth or vegan pho broth. (Ours was chicken and was brewed for five hours with fresh herbs) It also comes with a healthy serving of King Prawns and gluten free rice noodles.

Both kits come with all the necessary pho toppings including spring onions, limes, birds eye chilli, coriander, and Thai basil.

So, what’s the verdict? It took me about ten minutes to cook and assemble both Phòs, effortless, yet certainly packs the flavour punch. PHOMO is the perfect meal for a Friday night in, or to drive away any hangovers or Monday blues. So, if you’re’ looking to elevate you

dining-in game, we definitely recommend it.


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