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A Sensory Experience; TUI Sensatori

A Sensory Experience; TUI Sensatori

It’s an exciting time for TUI;

November 23rd, 2018

It’s an exciting time for TUI; they recently announced a direct flight to Los Cabos, new plans for their Sensimar resorts in the Mediterranean next year, the launch of ‘Restaurant 10’ (a restaurant with multi-sensory tables) and the launch of their first beach club, IVÓ, in 2019.

Last month TUI celebrated 10 years of Sensatori at their newest resort in Gennadi, Rhodes and #TeamCoco were lucky enough to be there; lets just say TUI really know how to throw a party. Spending four days in the resort was a luxury experience and it had us wondering what the key to TUI’s success is and it’s simple; ignite the senses.

After experiencing the new Atlantica Dreams Resort and Spa it’s clear TUI have a clear sense of direction and are taking five-star resorts to another level. TUI Head of Concept, Helen Morgan wants to ‘truly fuel the senses of guests, helping them engage in the new multi-sensory experiences and creating special ‘wow’ moments’.

From the feng shui of the resort, to the cuisine on offer, the scents, the scenery and sounds that surround you, TUI Sensatori resorts fine tune your senses without you even realising.

The resort is luxurious and the scandinavian-style rooms are often duplexes with balconies or swim up rooms. All are open plan and ooze relaxation, everything is exactly where you need it to be. Convenience is part of the experience and everything revolves around the gorgeous views, whether it be the pool, the sea or the ancient ruins the resort is built next to.

The ruins were discovered during construction and date back to 5AD, they are open to all guests, and a bridge allows you to walk over the ruins and admire what once was. The rest of the resort is surrounded by black sand beaches and the crystal water of the Aegean Sea.

The cuisine ranges from Greek to American and there are seven gourmet restaurants to choose from, so guests have different options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and any extra food you may want in-between. There are also adults only areas, a roof top bar and a piano lounge with live music. Each is strategically placed giving a different vibe, from beach side, to the centre of the pool, to balconies with panoramic views of the resort.

The spa continues the journey of sensory wellness; essential oils and scents are incorporated into treatments and textures come into play from everything in the oils used to the greenery within the decor. You are encouraged to breathe deeply and inhale the scent and your surroundings in order to engage your senses before treatments begin.

If you feel like something a little more active then there are a range of activities, yet there isn’t any pressure to be involved. Yoga is where time is devoted to breathing and complete relaxation, while aqua-boarding classes are a little less refined and far too much fun.

Dotted around the resort there are little details to enhance your experience further and one very Instagrammable spot is the Sensory Pods in the lobby. Inspired by Greek Gods these pods hang from the ceiling and each feature different sounds, scents and colours to transport you to complete relaxation.

TUI Sensatori encourages guests to take the time to be self indulgent and be completely aware of your senses, so that you can take the time to continue your sensory wellness even when you’re back at home.

Vanessa Gainford

Vanessa Gainford

Self-professed fragrance obsessed, Dubai-based Vanessa is a beauty and travel contributor. When not writing, you’ll find her meditating, swimming and/or sipping a cocktail (in Greece, preferably).