A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide from you to yourself

It’s two days before V-day arrives, and regardless if you’re #relationshipgoals or #singleandreadytomingle there’s nothing wrong with gifting yourself a little something special, because let’s face it, you’re totally worth it. So here’s a Team Coco approved gift guide for the month of love, because as we all know, the greatest love of all is self-love.

For the Flower Aficionado

While we may not be able to advise on how Mercury being in retrograde can affect your career opportunities this February, we do highly recommend treating yourself to a little bit of sparkle.

Jana Reinhardt’s beautiful new Birth Month flower jewellery collection lets you create stunning tailor made pieces that feature you or your Valentine’s birth month flower. From Snowdrop January to Narcissus December, each month has a unique flower that symbolises unique personality traits.  (kind of like your star sign, but better!) You can even add a gemstone for a bit more sparkle, and a personalised engraving to boot.

Love at first sight

We’re all about sharing the love, and so is Lulu Guinness. They new love heart collection is everything our heart desires, and will surely make a statement regardless if your’e on a date with someone else, or just yourself! We can assure you,  the Harriet Heart Bag, or the pink velvet Freya, is all the arm candy you will need this Valentine’s Day.

A Cosy Night in

There’s nothing like treating yourself to a cosy night in, and these goodies from independent boutique specialist Trouva, will certainly elevate your ‘Netflix and Chill”  with some serious style, and some warm and cosy ‘Higge’ vibes. #Nofomo

A Galentine’s Night Out in the Lost Lagoon

This Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day, gift yourself the gift of adventure and check out The Lost Lagoon with your bestie. This V-Day, London’s coolest subterranean boating lake will be transformed into a whimsical experience that includes romantic boat-based buccaneering, and an exclusive ‘Pinker Colada’ cocktail in a giant horn by Scout.

From the 14th to the 17th, the Lost Lagoon’s ‘Marooners Rock’ will become the ‘Isle of Singles, and if you’re not bothered about finding your own pirate love, you can at least be comforted by good old glass of Captain Morgan instead. (of which, The Lost Lagoon has plenty)

Hannah Lynn Tan

Hannah has been working in the fashion industry for over five years. A mainstay at London Fashion Week, Hannah not only has heaps of insider fashion knowledge, but a genuine understanding of the essentials of style

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