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Accommodation Tips For Students In Brisbane

Accommodation Tips For Students In Brisbane

Accommodation Tips For Students In Brisbane

December 20th, 2022

Brisbane combines the best of both worlds with fantastic weather and world-class education. It is recognized as a sunshine state and is the third-largest city in Australia. Over 1,50,000 students enrol for graduation in Brisbane every year from all around the world. The oldest city in Australia has the most diverse population, with almost 33 per cent being foreign-born. Hence you get the opportunity to interact with different cultures and feel at ease with localities in Brisbane. Many platforms like Iglu Brisbane help students find affordable houses in the city.

Brisbane is the 18th most liveable in the whole world. It has also gained popularity for higher education primarily due to renowned universities acknowledged worldwide, warmer climates, and affordable housing. The lifestyle-friendly rental locations ensure you get everything around the block. But with myriad options available, finding reliable accommodation can be challenging.

So here are some crucial tips for students to rent a safe and affordable rental space.

Accommodation Tips For Students Studying In Brisbane:

More than 85 percent of international students studying in Brisbane prefer renting properties rather than living in hostels or dorms. If you are planning to pursue your higher education abroad and are confused about which city living arrangement suits you best, don't worry. The following are the factors that can help you make the right decision.

  • Proximity To Renowned University and World-Class Education:

Did you know Brisbane offers the finest universities, which rank among the top 30 around the globe? Renting a space near your university will save you a lot of daily commute time. The bicycle parking space is also an ideal option for those who use the cycle to commute and cut down transportation costs.

  • Cost Of Living

The fastest-growing economy is relatively easier on the pockets. Hence, the majority of the students prefer to stay in Brisbane while completing their studies. You can rent a space at an accommodation anywhere between 339$ to 700$, depending on your preferences, like Iglu Brisbane.

  • Safe Accommodations

Make sure that the place has rooms with a variety of security options, like e-card access, CCTV, 24 hours guard, and on-site support. Thus, living alone in a new place becomes stress-free, whether staying in shared apartments or individual studios.

  • Convenience

Brisbane is a city with less population. Many students come in every year to enrol in courses and higher education. Hence the city has adapted its infrastructure to provide the best and fulfil every need of students.

Many premises like Iglu Brisbane offer exceptional amenities and features that are an added advantage for every college goer. They include free WiFi, gym, ready-to-use kitchen set up, cinema room, study space, laundry room, etc. you need not worry about paying separate bills. It is all added up to your monthly rent.

  • At Home Vibes

When you stay at an accommodation facility, you meet many friends that share the same journey. You won't feel alone away from home by bonding with others within the accommodation, such as hanging together during a BBQ or Sunday binge-watch.

Bottom Line

Brisbane has a range of accommodation facilities with top-notch amenities. However, ensure excellent connectivity between your living space and the university so you do not need to invest in a private vehicle. The city makes you feel at home with exceptional hospitality and welcome vibes. Hopefully, the above pointers have motivated you to enrol in a university in Brisbane this coming year and explore the fabulous lifestyle of the city.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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