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Miniaturk is a unique museum located in Istanbul that features over 100 miniature models of Turkey’s most famous landmarks, all on a scale of 1/25. From the Blue Mosque to the ancient city of Ephesus, Miniaturk brings together the rich architectural heritage of the civilizations that have left their mark on this ancient land.

But Miniaturk is more than just a museum of miniature models. It’s a showcase of Turkey, including the life experiences of nearby geography, with 137 models in total, 60 from Istanbul, 64 from Anatolia, and 13 from Ottoman territory outside of Turkey. The models were selected based on their reputation, and visitors can explore everything from caravanserais and castles to mosques and synagogues.

Children can interact with the exhibits and learn about Turkey’s history and culture through a variety of activities, such as playing traditional Turkish games, creating their own miniature models, and watching educational videos.

And for those looking for even more fun, Miniaturk has a playground and a mini-train ride that takes visitors through the park.

In addition to the miniature models, Miniaturk also has a variety of other amenities, including a restaurant, cafeteria, gift shop, exhibition hall, outdoor show area, and even a mini stadium with the four biggest teams.

So whether you’re a family with kids or a history buff, Miniaturk is a must-visit attraction in Istanbul. It’s a unique and entertaining way to learn about Turkey’s rich history and culture, all while having fun and making lasting memories.

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