Interior design trends come and go, but some stay the course and become timeless classics. One such trend is the rustic look.

The definition of rustic home design is a look that is unpretentious and modelled on the natural world.

Many rustic interior designs incorporate natural products, such as wood, stone and cotton, to create a look that will enhance the space and make it feel light and airy.

While this trend is most commonly suited to rustic cottages and country homes, it can be used almost anywhere, including in flats.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the ways you can incorporate rustic home interior design into your flat and create a stunning space for you and your loved ones.

Choose Natural Patterns

Natural patterns, such as floral prints, are an ideal way to enhance your flat and add a natural feel without going too far. In flats, it can be hard to find curtains that fit your windows, particularly if you have large windows. Thankfully, The Sewing House offers this selection of made-to-measure curtains that includes a wide range of patterned curtains that will look amazing and fit perfectly onto any window in your flat, giving it a rustic look.

Incorporate Wood Where Possible

Wood is the ultimate rustic material, so it’s vital for any country-style home. As such, you should try to use as much wood in the furniture and design of your home as possible. Whether that means choosing wooden cabinets for your kitchen or wooden furniture for your dining room, you should find ways to incorporate wood wherever you can.

Use Stone In Damp Rooms Like The Bathroom

Wood doesn’t do well in wet spaces, so it isn’t the ideal solution for bathrooms. Instead, consider a more durable natural material, such as stone. Stone is a strong material that can last for many years to come, so check out some stone bathroom designs to find inspiration. You can then find a stone bathroom solution that will last for many years and help you to create a natural look in your bathroom that won’t get damaged by the water in the room.

Bring The Outside Indoors

The rustic look revolves around nature, so try to bring outdoor materials, such as driftwood, shells, crystals, tree bark, and even living plants, into your home. Consider using shells as light pulls by drilling a hole into them or simply placing them on shelves as cute decorations. With plants, you should consider exploring some unique alternatives to the traditional orchids and cactuses to find a houseplant that you can take care of easily, and that will be a talking point for guests.

Final Thoughts

The rustic look, sometimes known as cottagecore, is an interior design trend that’s here for the long haul. If you want to incorporate this fun and quirky style in your flat, then make the most of the tips listed in this article. You’ll then be able to create a rural idyll in your flat, wherever it’s located.


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