The main aim of Blackjack, no matter where you play it in the world, is to be able to beat the dealer. This is done by getting as close to 21 as possible and getting 21 specifically is also included. Anything other the number of 21 does not count as this is called “going bust” which means that you are out of the game. The aim of Blackjack is to get two or more cards closer to totalling 21 than any other player or the dealer. This is the most simplistic way to look at playing Blackjack and there are many players who use this method but for players who want to use a much more Blackjack strategy approach then they should apply the following.

Card Counting in Blackjack

Card Counting, or the action commonly known as tagging, is when the actual cards themselves are paid close attention to. If you are in it for the long run playing the game of Blackjack then this can be a good approach to take. Not only is this a good way to keep your attention span but it will also be able to increase the chance of you being able to win at this game. This is because card counting can be used as a way to decide what to do with bets and whether they should be altered. Doing so is a great way to potentially save yourself from losing money whilst playing Blackjack but you have to be good at this advanced Blackjack strategy for it to be effective.

How to Count Cards

Card counting is a good memory test even for the players who use this technique frequently when they are playing Blackjack. You are meant to keep count of the cards in a way that you probably do not necessarily think. To be effective at this strategy, you need to continually keep adding or subtracting one from the total of cards that you have seen being played. This is done in the following way. When a card is of the value between 2 and 6, you take one off the total you have in your head. If you see a card being played that is either a 10, Ace or a picture card with any of the Royals on it, then you should add one to the total you are keeping in your head. The number you are left with at the end of each round gives you a good indication as to what you should do next. But do you have a positive or negative number remaining?

Positive or Negative Blackjack

If you have a positive number remaining, there will be more higher cards in the deck that have yet to be played. Due to this, you should increase your bet because the likelihood of you being able to call Blackjack are much higher. If you are left with a negative number, there will be more lower value cards remaining in the deck that are yet to be played. At this point, it would be advised that you decrease your bet, as it will take many more cards to reach the number 21 in total and the risk of you going bust is much greater.


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