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Advantages of online dating

Advantages of online dating

The concept of dating can be both daunting and exhilarating.

February 26th, 2019

The concept of dating can be both daunting and exhilarating. There is that mystery and thrill of getting to know someone you are attracted to and the bitter disappointment of not liking what you see.

Dating someone usually means you are seeing someone regularly, getting to know each other, and moving on to the next step depending on how your dates go. In a contemporary sense, dating can also mean that you are in a relationship with someone.

Back in the day, dating was writing letters and anxiously waiting for days and weeks to respond. Thankfully today, with technology, you don’t have to wait so long, and if they do keep you waiting, well, as they say, you may have just been ghosted!

How fun is online dating? You get to “shop” based on your preferences of a particular ethnicity, orientation, geography, etc. The list is endless. Let us look deeper into why online dating is the current hype.

The Fun of Swiping Left and Right

The left and the right algorithm are where the fun begins. On most online dating sites, you can choose your preferred type by reading up on their bio which you will find on their profile. This narrows down your search for a date. It gives you the benefit of filtering through thousands of profiles that appear on your screen.

Women empowerment – Whitney Wolfe took the world by storm by becoming the youngest self-made billionaire. Why mention women empowerment? You may ask, we cannot eliminate the threat and the setbacks women face when it comes to dating, online or otherwise. Wolfe’s goal while creating Bumble was to empower women to make the first move and keep women’s safety in mind.

While the world is changing, rigid traditions and cultures, mostly patriarchal, from the past continue to reflect on our daily lifestyles even in the present scenario. Bumble is one such step towards empowering women and breaking free from age-old conditions while also looking out for safety and if you are wondering about the success of this platform, the Bumble IPO was a big story and the company is making waves even outside the dating space.

Taking your own time – You may be a working individual with a busy schedule; dating online gives you flexibility, and you remain your own boss.

Security – Let’s be honest, you may have come across a creep or two. You get an uneasy feeling while talking to them. Online dating sites give you the benefit of fleeing from such profiles, while in face-to-face dating, it sometimes becomes difficult to maneuver out of such unpleasant situations.

Caters to all kinds of personalities – You may be an introvert who is not very comfortable around people. Online dating gives you the privilege of being in your space while getting to know someone all without having to meet in-person.

You could also be an extrovert. Online dating sites give you ample profiles to interact with and keep you occupied. I think it is safe to say the novel coronavirus pretty much made this form of dating all the more fun while you are safe from the virus within the walls of your home.

Meet “your person” – As mentioned earlier, you can meet your kind of person based on your preference. Many people have built stronger relationships after online dating, and many have led to marriages.

The rush hour lifestyle has made it difficult for many to go out and interact with people in real-time. Hence it becomes difficult to meet like-minded people. Online dating has made it so much easier to connect with all different types of people from different walks of life that you might not normally encounter on your day to day routines.

As online dating has grown rapidly, more and more sites, apps, and platforms have emerged that cater to specific niches. There are apps catering to age ranges, ethnicities, religions, fetishes, and almost anything you can think of at this point. This is good news for people that are looking to date with a specific person. As we all know dating isn’t always to find love, often it is to find pleasure. There are a host of dating apps and sites that are geared towards casual dating. There are the big platforms like AdultFriendFinder or Ashley Madison for affair dating. One of the most exciting new casual dating platforms is Free Fuckbook, with their meet n fuck(https://freefuckbook.app) feature that is obviously geared towards a very specific type of online dating. Of course this is not for everybody, but the nice thing about online dating is that like a microcosm of the internet as a whole, there is something for everyone.

Secure alternatives – With the rise in crime and violence against women, women become warier to be associated with men. You might not feel safe to give out your number to someone you just met and are attracted to.

Chatting apps like Snapchat, signal, and many other such apps gives you the security to continue getting to know someone online while keeping your number private, giving you the freedom to decide when and where you wish to divulge that information.

No age bar – Why no age bar? You may ask, well, online dating apps accommodate people from all adult age groups, keeping in mind child restrictions. Most often, when we talk about dating, the younger demographic comes to mind. However, online dating apps give both young and old the chance to find love again with niche specific dating apps targeted for certain demographics.

You may be divorced or widowed, and you might be thinking that life has come to an end for you. Well, life is only lived when you are happy and at peace. Finding love again might be the thing you are missing out on. You never know who you might end up meeting.

Comfort and Convenience – Let’s be honest, talking to a stranger about all of your life’s woes and troubles can feel more comforting than speaking to someone close to you. Speaking to someone you know may make you feel insecure, and you might get the sense that you are burdening them with your troubles. But with a stranger, you never know when and if you will ever see them again. So it is more like writing your worries on water.

Chatting with someone new online can give a sense of comfort and security when you feel vulnerable.

Giving Online Dating a Shot

There are so many benefits to dating online, but you cannot sideline the dangers of it. Always be careful while chatting online. Never give out sensitive and personal information and generally follow smart online privacy practices.

Life comes around just once, why not make the most of it? You never know, you might meet your soul mate on one of those online dating sites or apps. As they say, life works in mysterious ways!



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