If you’re the type of nomad that much prefers wandering through a wilderness than travelling through a tourist area, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, you can find information on a few of the earth’s final frontiers; it’s last true wildernesses. What’s more, you can discover just what adventures there are to be had in these breathtaking destinations. So, do read on to find your next adventure location!

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Botswana is a place in which all wilderness-loving nomads should flock to, as it is home to one of the most untouched natural areas that the world has to offer. By heading to the Okavango Delta, specifically, you’ll find some of the best Botswana safari lodges around, meaning you’d be able to get up close and personal at all times with the wildlife that chooses to walk through it leisurely. Well, not so much ‘walk’ as ‘rumble’ because, when you stay in the lush green paradise that is the Delta, you’d be likely to see elephants passing through all day long.

Knoydart Peninsula, Scotland

If you want to have a travelling experience in Scotland that is more akin to something you’d see in Braveheart or Outlander than what you’d find in the modern day versions of Glasgow and Edinburgh, then you should plan an adventure to Knoydart Peninsula. As rugged a place as you’ll find in this part of the world, this is a wilderness that encapsulates the true spirit of the Highlands. Tucked away so remotely that you can only reach it by foot or boat, in Knoydart, you’ll find yourself far away from all of your technological creature comforts, and you’ll find yourself benefiting spiritually as a result.

Great Bear Rainforest, Canada

Canada is home to a number of great, vast wildernesses, in truth, but the best of the bunch is the Great Bear Rainforest. Located in British Columbia, this coastline wilderness includes everything you’d expect to find in a forest frontier, from ancient red cedar cathedrals to glacier-fed fjords. Be careful when you do visit this area of Canada, though, as it isn’t called ‘Great Bear’ for nothing! Here, you’ll find a number of brown and black bears, as well a few grey wolves, cougars and even eagles, guarding the various rocky beaches that the coast throws up. So, only visit here if you are with a professional tour guide and if you understand and respect the seriousness of entering such a dangerous area.

Kangaroo Island, Australia

For those that want to see true, untouched Australian wildlife, then Kangaroo Island is the place to go. Unsurprisingly, given its name, hundreds of the infamous Aussie animal, the kangaroo, can be found hopping, skipping and jumping their way around this island at all turns, and joining them are colonies of seals, wombats and koalas.

If travelling to the world’s last true wildernesses is on your bucket list, then you simply have to be including some of, if not all of, the destinations above on it.


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