Without getting too dramatic… Oh, who are we kidding?! Totally getting all dramatic; being a teenager is the weirdest time of your life.

If you’re someone who got their first period during that time, you’ll remember all of the different emotions you felt before, during, and after it started.

So what advice would you give to your 13-year-old self?

Personally, mine would be to properly feel yourself. Get used to your body, it’s yours. Love it, look at it, understand why it does what it does, and be happy in it.

One of the biggest body discovery moments for me was my period. I remember being sat on the loo, tampons beside me, reading the instructions over and over again, desperate for the need to use one. There was just something about that stage of life for me, that meant I finally had a big responsibility to manage for myself.

If there’s one thing I loved it was the ‘stuff’. We all love stuff, right? Just try and tell me that you don’t get a mini buzz off a new stationery set, or a paper invite that you received through the post!

&SISTERS are the eco-friendly people that bring you organic and planet conscious period stuff. They understand the importance of periods so much that they’ve brought out a starter pack for teens… A STARTER PACK! My dream.

&SISTERS My First Period Box Unboxing

It arrives delivered through the post packaged up discreetly but when you open the box the cool &SISTERS branding makes everything feel better instantly.

You get tampons and pads of different sizes and they are SO soft! Like, so super soft that you notice straight away. They are made using pH-neutral cotton, creating a breathable organic product.

The best part of this pack is the little flash cards explaining everything you need to know about periods, our bodies, the products, and how to use them. It is such a cute idea and I wish they had them in the 90s!

Imagine being ready for your period, with a cute &SISTERS purse full of super soft products that you already know how to use and just feeling confident!

These products were created by a mother and daughter duo and they don’t stop at great products. The &SISTERS Foundation sends 10% of their profits to help support women’s health, education and economic empowerment across the globe.

My advice to you, buy the 13-year-old you know the &SISTERS My First Period Pack and tell them what you would tell yourself at 13.

The pack is just £8.95 and you can get it at &SISTERS along with individual products and period cups.


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