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Affordable Gifts Your Kids Will Love 

Whether it’s Christmas or birthdays, lots of people feel the pressure they are under to buy their children the best and most expensive presents available.

Whether it’s Christmas or birthdays, lots of people feel the pressure they are under to buy their children the best and most expensive presents available. Below are some of the best gifts available that won’t break the bank, but your kids will love.

Handmade Gifts

If you’re looking for presents that are extremely affordable then home-made gifts are definitely your best choice. Skip the shopping and instead stay at home and make some special gifts that your family will love:

  • Crayons – If you have any small pieces of crayon lying around the house, then why not recycle these by making them into big chunky crayons your kids will love. Simply melt the crayon stubs in the oven and reset the mixture in a mould. You can make many different shapes depending on what your child likes!
  • Playdough – what child doesn’t like playdough? And it’s so easy to make. Simply find a playdough recipe online, add food colouring and a nice scent and provide your child with different tools. Your child can then let their imagination run wild.
  • Denim Pocket Purse – If there’s an old pair of jeans in your house then this might be the perfect make for you. Simply detach the two back pockets, sew them together and then add some ribbon for the shoulder strap. Your child will love their new home-made purse!
  • Treasure Soap – Soap is simple to make and can be lots of fun. Before you set your soap, think about adding a small toy or trinket inside of it. Not only will this be a memorable gift, but your child will also love washing their hands to get to the treasure inside.

Gifts Under £10

There are lots of gifts available for under £10 that your child will love:

  • LEGO 10692 Classic Creative Bricks Learning Toy for Children – This amazing Lego gift contains over 200 Lego pieces in 29 different colours. This is the perfect gift for any child who enjoys being creative. Inside the cube are a variety of different pieces including windows, doors and wheels.
  • 4M Cute Pets Mould and Paint – This is a brilliant gift for animal lovers. You can create up to 12 animal fridge magnets or badges. This amazing gift is perfect for creative children and is suitable for children over 5 years old.
  • Smooth Speed Puzzle Magic Ball Cube – This is a great gift for children who enjoy puzzles. Children have to put the correct colour ball into the correct slot.
  • Build Your Own Stunt Buggy – This is a brilliant present for anyone who enjoys having a go and building their own gifts. When you have finished building the buggy, it will be able to spin and do wheelies. Funky stickers are also provided in this set for you to decorate it as you wish.

Gifts Under £20

For a little bit more, money you can get a whole range of toys including:

  • Girl Zone Hair Chalk – This is one of the most popular gifts available this year. Included in the set are 10 different coloured pens which allow you to add colour to your hair as and when you want to. The chalks simply wash out after use, making them the perfect party present.
  • Mermaid Tail Blanket – This first came out over a year ago, but they are still one of the most popular gifts around. This warm, soft blanket is perfect for winter evenings and would be loved by your child.
  • Shark Blanket – This is very similar to the mermaid blanket, but it is a shark design. This is the perfect gift for shark lovers.
  • Gear Building Blocks – This is a brilliant gift for children who enjoy building and working out how things work. This amazing gift not only encourages imagination it also aids in brain development.

What to do If You Want to Buy Your Child Their Dream Gift but can’t Afford it

If you are really struggling for money but want to buy your child the gift they dream of, you could consider getting a small loan to help tide you over the giving period. CashLady is a well known credit broker that can help you apply for short term loans over the festive period. They search a lot of lenders, which mean you are more likely to be accepted.

Many people struggle with money, especially when they have a lot of birthdays coming up in quick succession. You may want your child to have the same or similar presents as their friends, but know you can’t afford them. Don’t worry, there are many presents available for a cheaper price that your children will love just as much as the more expensive items.