Alexander Wang X Adidas Orginals Strike Again!

The House Of Coco team loves an awesome collaboration. This time around designer Alexander Wang is teaming up with Adidas Originals for the third time to release a super dope new collection. Wang has done collabs with Adidas and major retailer H&M before, but this time he wanted to shake things up a bit. Alexander Wang  talks about his love for Adidas and the very first pair he owned. “It was a pair of shell toes circa the early ’90s, when he was a young student at boarding school in California. “We’d draw on them,” he remembers. “That was the extent of our personal expression, because our uniform was so strict.” Nowadays Wang has a whole new concept on the classic adidas sneaker and we’re so here for it!

img_3852 img_3853

Wangs new Adidas Originals collab features two basketball styles and hits Adidas and Alexander Wang stores on April 1. As fans get ready for the release, people have already started the resell bidding war for a pair of signed Alexander Wang sneakers. As of right now if you’re looking for a pair of signed kicks, the asking price for a pair autographed by the designer is $8,000. That’s not chump change, but hey if you’ve got it to spend on one pair of sneakers, go ahead and treat yourself.

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