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House of Coco were lucky enough to catch up with Justin Alves, a previous graduate from the Royal College of Arts London who has gone on to create striking menswear collections that continue to inspire and impress. His successful RCA show has launched his career into the forefront of menswear design and here at House of Coco we find out a little bit more about the designer himself, past present and future.

How did you get into the world of fashion design?

Prior to studying at the Royal College of Arts I was freelancing and provided swatches for Victoria Secrets, Banana Republic and Coach.   This made me realise that by doing a Master Degree at the Royal College of Arts was going to expand my creativity in Knitwear for the fashion industry.

How would you describe your style?

Alves “Feel Free” allows the wearer to be expressive and self-confident, not afraid of change.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Do you have a specific research process when starting a new collection?

Every collection I have produced tells a story from my life, what I have seen, what I have felt, people that I have loved and lost. Inspiration may come from any source; Nature, lifestyle, people, feelings and music.

Tell us about your collections…

We have just launched the new Autumn Winter Collection 015 ( )

The concept of the collection –

Everything happens for a reason. That is why the world is what it is today. The relationships we have, the conditions that we live in and the path that we choose to take in life are all circumstances that transpire for a purpose. Albeit, a purpose that is sometimes indecipherable to us. It is this blurred sense of clarification that can leave us feeling depleted, but for me, solace can be found in the arrival of winter. With the nascence of a colder climate comes duskier nights, cosier evenings in and most notably the fall of snow.

It is with the descent of snow that I draw a lot of influence as the dwindling snowflakes instil a sense of freedom within me; a freedom that manifests itself in expression.

In conjunction with the natural aspect of life I have explored, I also wanted to incorporate the expression of street art, music and sport. Which gives me a sense of escapism

Describe the type of man that you envisage wearing your clothes…

He will act as a powerful vehicle to carry the message of masculinity, luxury, fine sexuality. It would echo what Alves stands for.

How would you describe your personal dress sense?

My personal style tells a story of how I am feeling on a given day or where I am going to. This could be wearing a Black Velour tracksuit to a meeting with Swarovski or wearing an Ivory 3 piece linen suit for a walk in to town… It is all about the feeling and expressing oneself confidently. I believe there is no set style – It is what it is.

How do you see ‘Alves’ evolving? Are you looking to branch into other sectors?

In the future I can see Alves evolving into a company that caters to all needs, branching into other sectors from fragrances, eye wear to home interiors and hotels.



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