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Celebrate World Gin Day with Boodles Pink Gin

As well as giving you a flavour of some of our favourite gins from around the UK, we also wanted to put the spotlight on a beautiful new pink [...]


World Gin Day 13th June 2020

We are here for you on this World Gin Day with a list of rather fabulous gins from across the UK to enjoy at home, we have also included [...]


Face Masks for a Flawless Complexion

One of the simplest skincare pick-me-ups is to include a face mask within your skincare routine, whether you incorporate a mask weekly or more sporadically the soft and supple [...]


Three of the Best Recycled Products

It’s SO important for us to recycle and reuse but what happens to all those products we send into the recycling?  Here is our round-up of three of [...]


Father’s Day Gifts

Have you thought about what to gift your Dad this Father’s Day? It’s only one week away, so you need to get your thinking cap on. [...]


Women Worldwide : Architect turned Jewellery designer with MINTON

MINTON has been seven years in the making and finally Emily Minton Ratzlaff brought it to life. [...]


Women Worldwide : Striking Gold with Eline de Visser

Eline de Visser is the founder of her jewellery brand of the same name. [...]


How to Save Money on Hotels During a Vacation

Let’s be real, it’s easy to overspend when you’re on vacation. [...]


Women Worldwide : The Small Candle Brand with the Big Heart

Cassandra Bolden is the founder of Lit Moments, a small candle company with an enormous passion for designing candles. [...]


Now you can enjoy London’s buzziest restaurants from the comfort of your own home

While the debate is still going about how we can safely return to our favourite pubs and restaurants, we shine the light on the coolest London restaurants bringing their [...]


Beyond English Borders – Top Travel Destinations for Total Seclusion and Privacy

Here at House of Coco we have been daydreaming about all of the travel we're going to do post lockdown. [...]


How to Take a Working Vacation

At the time of writing, there aren’t many foreign vacations or flights on offer, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. [...]


What Things to Understand about Student accommodation?

Student life is always exciting and fun filled. [...]


5 Common and Preventable Dog Diseases

Most diseases are characterised by less noticeable symptoms before fully developing. Among humans, we can express when our stomachs ache or our temperature is high. [...]


Cosmetic Surgery: Is it Good or Bad?

They say undergoing cosmetic surgery is neither good nor bad. Although it may be surrounded by stigma, cosmetic surgery should not be regarded as a negative procedure. [...]