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#WomenWorldwide: Designer Alexa D’Amico Talks All Things Swimwear

New designer Alexa D’Amico is launching her stunning first swimwear collection this summer 2019 and we are about to the get the lowdown on her style icons, latest designs, and [...]


#GBOGB: A Gem Of An Interview With Erin Parnell of Eternally Cherished – Family Keepsakes

Breastmilk, locks of hair, and baby teeth were the reason behind Erin Parnell launching her bespoke jewellery business, Eternally Cherished - Family Keepsakes. We have interviewed many successful women for [...]


#Womenworldwide: Katarina Ziak talks all things jewellery and tells how she turned her dreams into reality after graduation

Katarina Ziak is a jewellery maker and artist from Slovakia designing and making beautiful and unique pieces. House of Coco: What inspired the creation of your jewellery and art brand [...]


How to wear denim in summer? Tips that every girl should know

Who says that denim is not for summer? It’s really time to debunk the myth: people can wear denim also in summer. [...]


#CocoCars : From Glencoe to Cannes: Road trip inspiration fit for the Big Screen

Many classic movies are best-known for their iconic cars and cinematic locations – from James Bond’s Aston Martin winding through the Scottish Highlands in Skyfall to the Lamborghini cruising [...]


How to Organise Your Life on a Trip

Staying organised on a trip is hard. There are several things to do and remember. [...]


5 Great Activities For Year-Round Enjoyment

If you happen to live in the UK, you may agree that living there has its disadvantages, thanks to the bitter and very unpredictable weather we have to endure. [...]


6 Rental Tents Suitable For Events

Traditional Pole Tents These tents have been a principal choice in the rental industry, and it’s no surprise. They are ideally styled for all types of events. [...]


7 Grounds For Divorce In New York City

In the old days when people filed for divorce, it was necessary to do so under specific grounds, for instance, abandonment, inhuman treatment or cruelty. [...]


Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the 00s Fashion Trends

The fashion years of 2000 to 2010 were unique, and as of yet haven’t been taken back into mainstream fashion the same way that the 1990s, 1980s, or even older [...]


Five Dance Fashion Tips For 2019

Dancewear has evolved over the past few centuries and is rapidly becoming more functional and fashionable. [...]


7 Things You Need To Know Before Starting a Blog

Blogging has come a long way since it first started 25 years ago. [...]


Liquid Gold Of Morocco – Secrets of Argan Oil

Argan oil has become a commonly used ingredient in the beauty industry due to its nourishing effects on skin and hair. [...]


Custom T-Shirts for a Company Team Building Exercise – How to Make Them Work

Companies across the world are now recognizing the importance of team building exercises. [...]


How to Enjoy Every Moment of Your Walking Tours Anywhere in the World

Modern-day tourists anywhere across the world now prefer to explore their destinations in a whole new different way as compared to their counterparts a few decades ago. [...]