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What Are Your Options When You Have a House You No Longer Want?

There are many reasons why you might want to dispose of a house—owning one that you no longer need can be an expensive drain on your finances. [...]


Know The Pests That Exist In Your Area

It is important to know what kind of household pests live in your area, because it will help you to identify a pest problem when it comes along. [...]


An informative guide about wills, enduring guardianship and power of attorney  

Drafting a will A will is a written record that comprises of your last wishes relating to any property that is owned by yourself at the time of your passing [...]


 Useful information on buying Keto shakes

Meal replacement shakes, mainly protein shakes are an excellent way of making the most of your workouts and building lean muscle tissue. And if you’re counting calories, with a meal [...]


5 Tips for Renting Out Your Apartment While Traveling

One of the hard parts of traveling is the home you leave behind. [...]


5 Best Coffee Spots in Cape Town

Cape Town takes its coffee seriously and with an incredible selection of artisan, hand roasted, insta-worthy coffee joints popping up, we took some local suggestions on the hottest locations to [...]


3 Unusual Ways to Use Avocado

For those who can’t get enough of everyone’s favourite brunch staple, here are a few uses for the creamy green goodness that don’t involve spreading it on sourdough. [...]


#Cocobeauty: 5 Supplements to Revive

We are living in a world of total extremes, and these extremes are taking a toll on our bodies, inside and out. [...]


#TeamCocopup : Dogtails at Smith & Whistle

With the sun shining, and spring flowers blooming - London’s parks will soon be populated with sun-seeking picnic enthusiasts. [...]


#GBOGB Carolyn Pearson of Maiden Voyage

Our Girl Bosses of Great Britain feature is about Carolyn Pearson of Maiden Voyage who founded her business in 2008 in response to feeling isolated and lonely on a business [...]


5 things I learned from forest bathing

What better place to have your first forest bathing experience than sunny Mauritius? I wasn’t even sure what it meant until I headed into the depths of Heritage Le Telfair’s [...]


Improve your wellbeing with Ayurveda

Set at the foot of the Himalayas, overlooking the spiritual Ganges river, world renowned wellness retreat Ananda is the ideal destination to discover the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda. [...]


#TeamCocopup :Treat your pup with these furtastic gifts

In a world filled with fake news and shambolic politics, there is nothing better than coming home to the wagging tail of your puppy. [...]


8 Mother’s Day Beauty Gifts

In the UK we celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday 31st March, it’s a day that we seriously like to spoil our mums rotten. [...]