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Making a splash: how swimwear has changed 

Keeping up with the changes in fashion is one thing, but what about swimwear? [...]


Creating the right ambience in your home — how can this be done?

Do you want to create a healthier living environment in your home? [...]


Living the high life at The Murray Hong Kong

Originally built in 1969 by British architect Ronald Phillips, The Murray has been an icon in Hong Kong’s for more than fifty years, winning many awards for its unique energy-efficient [...]


What Makes a Successful Spa Owner?

Spas today need to be the one-stop shop for beauty needs. The reason for this? Women and men alike need to be able to trust their spa technicians. [...]


9 Thoughtful Gifts to Buy a Music Lover in Your Life

If your partner, parent or best friend classes themselves as a bit of a music lover, you will have an inkling into the type of gift they might like to [...]


Five Things You Never Knew About the Dead Sea

There’s a good chance you’re aware of what the Dead Sea is and where it’s located, but for many people, that’s where their knowledge pretty much ends. [...]


#CocoBeauty: World Afro Day

Yes, listen up y’all it’s World Afro Day this Saturday 15th September and we are loving the sass that comes with it. [...]


4 of the best podcasts to listen to now

Here at HOC we are always consuming content, whether it’s a quick Instagram scroll, a good book or a magazine flick, we’re forever searching for our next dose of inspiration. [...]


#CocoBeauty: In-Flight Beauty Regime

So #TeamCoco are constantly racking up our air miles, which means we’re becoming pretty pro at flying. Flights are sort of second nature to us now. [...]


Newport Beach; Orange County’s Weekend Wonder 

If Newport Beach and West Hollywood were related, then Newport Beach would be the quiet little sister who only spoke when spoken to. [...]


#CocoBeauty: Sparkle This Autumn

We’re taking all our summer feels from #TeamCoco straight into autumn, with a giant sparkle theme. [...]


Martini: Masters of Aperitivo

There is no greater joy in life than sitting down with friends and family after a long day to enjoy good food and good drinks. [...]


#CocoFood: It’s all about the fibre

We put our bodies through so much pain don’t we? [...]


Designer Spotlight : Seneca Jewellery

Designer Sarah Jane Bourque’s foundation is her unyielding commitment to excellence forged over 24 years as a professional designer. [...]


Behind the Brand : Text From A Friend

Sharon Caddie is  a freelance Art Director based in Glasgow. [...]