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#GIRLBOSSESOFGREATBRITAIN – Luxury and Michelin Stars with Priya Malhotra, Heathrow’s Head of VIP

You know by now that we love a bit of luxury and we're always so thankful to those front of house and behind the scenes who make our travelling experiences [...]


Vintage-inspired fashion for Autumn

A vintage-inspired look is increasingly becoming popular as more and more people take inspiration from past eras. [...]


Behind the Brand : Klo Beauty

Klō Organic Beauty is a 100% natural skin care company hand crafted in small batches in Western MA. The company is co-owned by sisters, Nicole Anagnos and Megan Berube. [...]


Coco Business Inspiration : Viva Voce Skin

At Viva Voce they believe true beauty is about vitality and loving the skin you are in. [...]


Creative Spotlight : Jessie Pitt

Jessie Pitt is a contemporary landscape artist whose main focus is mountains which could be due to her living in mountainous areas between Australia and Austria for many years. [...]


Designer Spotlight : RichingsGreetham

RichingsGreetham is inspired by the skill and care of traditional makers, combining integrity and honesty with a utilitarian eye for detail. [...]


From Chillitinis To Time Travel At London’s Flora Indica

Flora Indica is not your usual curry house or cocktail joint. [...]


Designer Spotlight : Aggregate Watches

Aggregate was born out of a shared passion for thoughtful design and well-crafted products. [...]


Wild thoughts

Here at House of Coco we have always been about innovation and have always loved those that are forward thinking! [...]


Designer Spotlight : MyHartBeading

MyHartBeading jewellery is created in London by Danish Jewellery Designer, Gitte Hart. [...]


Designer Spotlight : Berjo

At Berjo they adore all forms of communication that incorporate fine art and minimalistic design to convey compelling messages. [...]


#CocoKitchen: StreetSmart

Did you know that if you choose to dine in some of the UK's leading restaurants this winter you may be helping the homeless? We are aware of StreetSmart in [...]


#CocoLifestyle : 7 Ways to Grow a Perfect Lawn Easily

We all take great pride in our homes. [...]


#CocoLifestyle : The Employee Experience Is the Future of Work: 5 HR Trends

In business, there is always the urge to look forward and to predict what your business or role will look like next year or in five years’ time. [...]


#COCOKITCHEN: Everything You Wanted to Know About Macarons

If you haven’t heard of macarons in 2017, you’ve probably been living under a rock. [...]