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How To Keep Your Car Safe While You’re On Vacation

Leaving your car at home while you're on vacation is a great way to keep it safe. There are several reasons why this is the case. [...]


How Pro Hang the Light on The Christmas Tree

Putting the lights and bulbs on the Christmas tree sometimes looks pretty difficult. You have to cover most of the tree with a sequence. [...]


Fun first date ideas to start off on the right foot

First dates can be daunting beforehand, but by picking a good date idea, you can make it a fun experience. [...]


Hush Mayfair Unveils ‘The New Dolce Vita’ Courtyard with Disaronno in London

Here at House of Coco, we are always on the lookout for ways to make your summer that little bit sweeter. [...]


Wake up Here : Queens Hotel Leeds

Leeds architecture is brilliant. No really, we’re not talking about Elland Road or some of the dodgy nightclubs, but the impressive façades of perfectly preserved Victorian buildings. [...]


Afternoon Tea Week – an interview with The Headland’s pastry chef

Here at House of Coco magazine we are always on the hunt for the best Afternoon Tea, it's probably because Afternoon Tea is one of those quintessentially British traditions [...]


5 things to not do when purchasing engagement rings today

Love is an important part of our lives today and you should count yourself lucky if you find the right person to marry. [...]


Looking for a hoodie? Check out the tips to consider for shopping

Hoodies are just sweatshirts but with hoods on might just be among the most fashionable wear for both the cold and the warm season. [...]


4 Of The Best Pieces Of Unique Silver Jewellery

Are you looking for some beautiful and unique silver jewellery to add to your collection? [...]


Is it Possible to Transfer an Air Ticket?

While many airlines do not allow passengers to transfer their tickets to someone else, some tend to have tolerant cancellation policies compared to others. [...]


How to Enjoy Summer Without Blowing the Bank

Summer can be a fantastic time of the year, but it is also a season that can be expensive. [...]


How to Drive Through a City Centre Stress-Free

Do you find it stressful driving in a city centre? [...]


How to Save Money for Bigger Purchases

There are some purchases in life which can seem almost overwhelmingly huge. And the impact that they have on your life can sometimes be proportionate to the expense. [...]


Keeping Children Active: Fun Activities They Might Enjoy

When half-term or the summer holiday hits you can find yourself having to come up with lots of ideas to keep the kids busy. It can be tempting to [...]


Be Ready For Any Occasion With These Wardrobe Essentials

Sometimes it can be difficult to be ready for any occasion. [...]