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Daissy Ornelas on creating the architecturally-styled shoes of your dreams

Daissy Ornelas combines architectural inspirations with Italian craftsmanship to create her vibrant line of footwear.


Are Dietary Supplements Safe? Read On To Find Out

Every year, people across the world spend more than $70 billion on more than 85,000 different nutritional supplements. [...]


Smoking vs Edibles: Which One is Better?

If you are torn between smoking cannabis and using edibles, there are some key factors to keep in mind. [...]


Lady Whistledown requests your presence at the Bridgerton x Secret Cinema with Fever ball

Bridgerton fans, rejoice! The talk of the Ton is that Lady Whistledown is hosting the biggest ball yet - and we're all invited. [...]


Can You Buy Bulk Kratom Online During The COVID 19 Pandemic?

So, the Covid 19 pandemic situation is still prevailing. Once we think it is over, a new Covid variant starts knocking on the entire Earth’s door. [...]


Can White Kratom Help You Be Focused In Exam Days?

Kratom is a dietary supplement used to help with stress and anxiety. Kratom is a plant-based substance related to coffee and has grown in popularity in recent years. [...]


Learn The Ayurvedic Approach To Using CBD Oil To Treat Anxiety

Most of those who believe in natural remedies also have faith in Ayurveda. The Ayurvedic form of treatment is reaching every country. [...]


What to Expect When You Are Entering A CBD Business?

CBD is one of the most trending names in the wellness market now. [...]


TeamCocopup: The Graduate Cambridge, an idyllic dog friendly retreat on the River Cam

Graduate Hotel Cambridge is an idyllic retreat located on The River Cam that was inspired by this university town’s rich traditions.


Three of the Best New Vegan Chocolate Bars

For anyone powering on with veganism since this Veganuary, or if you just want to try what's out there vegan chocolate wise, this guide is for you. [...]


Side-Hustles That Bring Good Income

It’s 2022, and we aren’t satisfied with our normal 9-5 jobs lately. We want something that is more relaxed, pays better, and it’s stress-free. [...]


Outdoor Living Space: How To Upgrade Your Patio With Style

Outdoor living space is such a blessing.  Being connected with nature all the time and having an opportunity to let the sunshine in during the majority of the day [...]


The One With the High Vibes with Eden Wellness

Laura McDonald has always been interested in the workings of the mind so launching her business, Eden Wellness, was an inevitable path for her to take. [...]


Coliving Which Feeds All Your Needs

Coliving is a hot new trend amongst young people and entrepreneurs in the New York Area. It basically entails a group of unrelated people sharing a house and it's [...]


6 Tips To Stay Cozy When Travelling Somewhere Humid

If you’re used to living somewhere cold, going to a tropical destination where the humidity is high might prove to be a challenge. [...]